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Reloading / vibrating powder measure
« on: June 14, 2024, 09:58:39 PM »
built this one and it seems to yield consistent drop weights so far.
Political Discussion / Biden voters explain this
« on: June 11, 2024, 04:23:19 PM »
Political Discussion / Santos-Tam on Downtown crime
« on: June 10, 2024, 07:42:30 AM »

“It’s incredibly disappointing. We’re trying really hard to revitalize downtown. Support our small businesses, and this kind of behavior sets us all back,” said Honolulu City Councilmember Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, who represents the area.

in other words I have no solutions...
Reloading / new Lee Challenger III press
« on: June 06, 2024, 07:16:12 AM »

The ONE feature I like is that spent primers pass through the hollow ram. I wished my Rock Chucker did this.
Political Discussion / Fauci made it up
« on: June 02, 2024, 08:00:21 PM »

Bombshell testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals he made up the six foot social distancing rule and other measures to 'protect' Americans from covid.

Republicans put out the full transcript of their sit down interview with Fauci from January just days before his highly-anticipated public testimony on Monday.

They plan to grill him about covid restrictions he put in place, that he admitted didn't do much to 'slow the spread' of the virus.
Political Discussion / you should be shocked
« on: May 30, 2024, 08:01:41 AM »

Do you love Donald trump ?

Do you hate his fucking guts ?

Do you not give a shit either way?

Well, no matter your stance, love, hate, indifference towards him, you should be outraged, horrified, pissed off and shocked at how he’s been treated, but ESPECIALLY HORRIFIED, and FEARFUL too. Yes, you should be afraid, BIG TIME, at what you’re seeing unfold.

The entire persecution of trump, that’s been ongoing since he announced he was running for president circa 2014 / 2015 is horrific and disgusting. It’s been a constant nonstop witch hunt, which really shows how “ clean and honest “ trump is, because he would have been convicted had there been proof or suspicion of actual crimes, as he has been investigated, everything he has ever touched has been investigated for the last 10 years by the atf, fbi, cia, epa, FAA, fcc, 1/2 the countries state and local police, thousands of reporters, and hundreds of thousands of shitbird democrat voters, government bureaucrats, agency heads, foreign intelligence services, going back to his fucking high school days, etc. obvious political persecution/ prosecution / personal vendettas by political enemies and their minions , democrats and trump tds haters.  ( look at ANY democrat politician , and likely most Republican career politicians too for  even 10 seconds of that same level of scrutiny and your finding dozens of felonies)

Democrats and trump haters who take joy in trumps endless political persecution/ prosecution shouldnt, because that’s your countries justice system collapsing before your eyes, that’s Soviet Union / nazi germany / communist China type behaviors and abuses creeping into your own government, ( which is supposed to remain neutral in politics and everything else ) because if they can pillage a very popular, very powerful, very well connected, wealthy billionaire with unlimited funds, ex president of the United States, witch hunt him, create fake evidence, and endlessly harass him…..

What chance do YOU, or YOUR loved ones have when that same corruption points at you ? Some wealthy / connected person decides they want YOUR land, decides to ban YOUR guns, go after YOUR 401k, Your inheritance, funds, land, business, your religion, your community, your kids, your wife, or anything else. You piss them off by saying something they don’t like, or your wife / kids Facebook post annoys them, you criticize their agenda somehow, and suddenly police, fbi is at your door, the irs starts calling, etc. yous going to protect you, from that level of corruption and abuses , if they can do it to trump, well, your totally fucked., and every day they get more frisky, feel less restriction, feel able to stomp a little harder on your rights, feeling fewer and fewer consequences for abusive unconstitutional behavior….

You should be shocked, outraged, and TERRIFIED at what your watching unfold, at the obvious corruption and unconstitutional bullshit your seeing unfold before your eyes.  Immigrants from the Soviet Union and other communist countries who did horrific things to their citizens, that murdered them in mass, that abused every human right they had, that imprisoned them for years without charges or trials, who killed them if they offended or criticized the elites, those immigrants are pointing at the current U.S. governments and democrats behavior  in real fear and understanding and saying “ THATS HOW IT STARTED BACK HOME ! We’re headed to terrible things, that’s how genocide started in my country! BE AFRAID ! Stop it now before it’s too late !

Combine the endless political witch hunt of trump, where they endlessly attempt to prosecute him, even creating fake evidence, fake files, fake dossiers, fraudulent investigations by top level leo agencies, with the total ignoring of very obvious criminal acts, treason, crimes of high ranking senators, congressman, Biden, Hillary, Obama, their relatives, etc, with zero investigations, zero prosecutions even when crimes are obviously happening, it all equals a totally corrupt government and legal system and every other system, courts, investigations, voting, scotus rulings, public service announcements, demands to take vaccines , scientific “ findings “, climate agendas, etc…. You simply can’t trust any of it.

If you can’t see the VERY OBVIOUS consequences for all of us , the horrific, very terrible future problems we, you, and I will be subjected too because of it, well……….
Political Discussion / Cali DA is honorary "Asian"
« on: May 28, 2024, 09:59:10 PM »

Price has been using a Chinese name since at least last April, when she took out a full-page ad in Chinese-language US newspaper World Journal.

The characters translate to 'goon' (government official) 'seen' (kind or good) 'zing' (pure or virginity) in Cantonese, and provoked similar scorn at the time.

'It's actually pretty dumb to call herself that. The three characters together mean 'a nice virgin bureaucrat',' one Cantonese speaker noted at the time.

they take it from us and give it to their friends

When David Tarnas was reelected to the state House in 2018, he was told he had to give up environmental consulting subcontracts he had with the state Department of Transportation.

“At the time, the ethics folks said that was a clear conflict,” Tarnas said. “I have not been able to get outside work because most of my work was for DOT harbors and highways. It’s been a challenge.”

Yet, there were other lawmakers working for contractors in 2018 and 2019. And the companies they had ties to won more than $228,000 in government work.

An examination of current state legislators’ business interests found that at least a dozen sitting lawmakers are paid by or even own entities that have won more than $56 million in government contracts since 2006.

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