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Political Discussion / Re: Ethics of mandatory vaccinations
« on: April 28, 2021, 07:27:51 PM »
And why the military hasn't required them either.  I mean is the COVID vaxx any worst than the peanut butter shot?

Probably not. We were injected with so much stuff during in processing and pre deployment, it was hard to keep track.

I will say that my hesitation with vaccines did come from my experiences in the military. After getting all the in-processing vaccinations, I became extremely susceptible to and contracted numerous staph infections (something that wasn't an issue previously), to include what was believed to be a weird form of MRSA in Afghanistan.
Political Discussion / Re: Ethics of mandatory vaccinations
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:28:54 AM »
Great.  Most schools require vaccinations to attend.  This is nothing out of norm.

Schools can only enforce mandatory vaccines if there is a federal mandate. Federally mandated vaccines can only be implemented if it is FDA approved, which every covid vaccine isn't. FDA Emergency Use Authorization cannot circumvent FDA approval, which is when the agency has determined that the benefits of the product outweigh the known risks for the intended use.
Off Topic / Re: Student loans forgiveness
« on: April 25, 2021, 02:24:55 PM »
Or, stop going giving your money that business?

There are colleges, in particular community colleges and technical schools, that do provide an education with marketable skills.  It's the Liberal Arts universities that you have to be weary of.

I paid for my girls to go to HPU.  Much better compared to UH IMHO.  And UH had been raising their tuition rates and fees so much, the cost was almost the same.  I read that the computer science classes at UH had a 75:1 student:teacher ratio.  HPU was 25:1.  That's one metric most people can understand when comparing schools.

Now, with so many schools doing online learning, it's harder to compare class sizes.

HPU is a private institution, which is why they can dedicate more resources to more legitimate/intensive forms of education and hire better quality teachers due to better benefits, not always monetary. UH does have it's strengths (i.e. it's medical and agriculture/horticulture departments), but overall sucks specifically because it is a public, heavily government funded institution that is more vulnerable to political and cultural influences on its curricula.

It would be like comparing Ka'imukī high school to 'Iolani with regards to quality of education.
Political Discussion / Re: Texas secession
« on: March 29, 2021, 08:01:51 PM »
It is obvious you need an education regarding how foreign territory can legally be added to the US; as both Hawaii and Texas have similar legal arguments, against the US empire.

US Constitutional law explicitly states that the annexation, of any legally recognized territory that is outside of the US, can only be made via Treaty, between both affected nation states.  Both Texas and later Hawaii were annexed via a Congressional joint-resolution, which is in clear violation, of US Constitutional law, as any legislation enacted by Congress only has jurisdiction within the borders of the US.

The fact the illegal annexation of both Texas and Hawaii was allowed to take place, only reaffirms the degenerating of the American Republic to a US empire took place farther back than people realize, as evidenced by imperialists that infiltrated the American government, resulting in the long-term illegal occupations, of both nation states today.

This is technically incorrect. I used to use this same argument until I was educated recently.

There are historical precedents of states being admitted into the union without an official treaty of annexation, the most easily recognized being North Carolina by the federal government with no constitutional dispute.

While an official treaty of annexation between the Republic of Hawaii and the US was never ratified (one was signed by Mckinley in 1897 but failed in Congress), there really is no legal doctrine or requirement that such a treaty is necessary. In fact,  Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1 of the US constitution specifically states that

"New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

Therefore, all that is technically needed for annexation is an official agreement  between the governments of a nation desiring to be annexed  and the US government, as well as an act of Congress approving said agreement. The Newlands Resolution served this purpose, acting an an official agreement (and therefore defacto treaty) between the Republic of Hawaii and the US (which was also in accordance with the RoH's own constitution and approved of by its government), and it was passed by simple majority in both houses, likely because they saw the benefit of having Hawai'i during the Spanish-American war.

This is why the "no treaty, no annexation" argument is weak at best, because technically the US does not have any additional criteria or legal precedent for a state to join the Union (besides what is covered in Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1 of the US constitution), nor did the US violate it's constitution or the constitutions of the Republics of Hawaii or Texas upon annexation.

The only real way for any state (to include Hawaii and Texas) to secede from the union would be either through successful armed rebellion against the US or through the Supreme Court overturning the ruling of White V. Texas (which states that the US is an indestructible union and cannot be dissolved) and/or Congress amending the constitution and implementing terms of secession for States wanting to separate from the US, as currently none exist.

Note: The most legitimate legal arguments and justifications for previous secessions (and some current efforts)  were the ideas conveyed in the Declaration of Independence (...whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government...) and the 10th amendment ("The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people", which in this case would apply to secession, as secession is not mentioned or detailed in the constitution), the ruling of White v. Texas clarified that neither the Declaration nor the 10th Amendment is legal justification for secession by any state.

Aloha everyone

My name is Wayne I'm the new social media and customer support person over at Xring I'm here to help with and questions you may have. feel free to reach out to me most times ill be available during normal business hours at Xring Tuesday - Sunday

Thank you

Hi Wayne,

Back when the range was being developed and needed support from the community, the owners (and/or offspring of the owners) made a claim to those who wrote support letters to the bank that if they did so, they would be compensated in some way to show their appreciation (with many thinking that this would be in the form of a discount on range memberships). Fast forward to when the range finally opened, and that promise was not honored.

Does Xring still plan to honor that promise for those who supported the range?
Mahalo to all who attended  :shaka:
Aloha Everyone,

Here is the link for the webinar for those who haven't reached out to me directly:

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Mar 17, 2021 06:00 PM Hawaii
Topic: "Community Discussion on Koko Head Shooting Range"

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you care about any positive future for the range, I'm asking for people to register and attend this meeting with Andria.

This thread was read over 2000 times, yet the participation level is extremely dismal at the moment and does not covey a sense of importance or emergency for changes and improvements to be supported at the range.

So again, please make time tonight to join us in discussing a possible path forward for KHSC.
Aloha Everyone,

Here is the link for the webinar for those who haven't reached out to me directly:

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Mar 17, 2021 06:00 PM Hawaii
Topic: "Community Discussion on Koko Head Shooting Range"

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Aloha Everyone,

The zoom meeting with Andria Tupola has been finalized.

Macsak and Zippz have been designated as our primary voices in presenting concerns and issues with the range, as well as ideas and solutions for improvement. I did also suggest Andria open the forum following the initial presentation/discussion, but left it to her discretion.

I will be sending a link to those who previously expressed interest in attending. Please follow the instructions and register your attendence ahead of time.

If you have not posted in the forum or informed me directly that you want to attend, please send me a PM and I will get the info over to you.
Audit of park spending, conditions, and park data.

Isn't this related to district parks? KHSC, Hanauma bay and KH botanical garden don't fall under the KH District park
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Jungle Boots
« on: March 09, 2021, 01:37:40 AM »
I am looking for some boots for working outdoors in nasty muddy conditions on the side of a mountain where it rains most of the year. The issues I run into are traction, mud sticking to the sole, quick draining, and especially glue disintegration where the sole separates from the boot. Back in 2017 the announcement was made that the armed forces were field testing a new Jungle Combat Boot here in Hawaii and it sounded very interesting, but unfortunately they kept all their findings to themselves. I hear there are people who swear by some of the older vietnam designs but it is difficult to get specifics and there are a whole lot of companies out there who are pushing junk that falls apart after a few days of work. Does anyone have experience in this field or know someone who can offer advice? I am spending what seems like an awful lot of money on shoes that do not last very long in these conditions.

Belleville jungle or burma runner or altama black vulcanized if you want a traditional military/panama style boot (jungle runners were my preferred when I was more avid with hiking here)

Rocky Sv2 jungle or work and the bates jungle model are also decent.
Should we have a prep meeting prior to the March 17th event to come up with ideas on what to present, information they'll want to hear, etc?

And anyone else you'd like to have attend?  NRA, committee from the last KHSC improvements attempt?  Hawaii On Target, DLNR, club representatives,  etc?

I think that would be a good idea so we can lay out main talking points; might also be good to have designated speakers to convey the main priorities that the majority agree on, and allow others in attendence to chime in as needed.

If other organizations would like to represent themselves, I'm sure it would be ok to have them attend. But again, the main thing is that we can present ideas and plans that will generally benefit everyone in some capacity. I would hate for this to turn in to organizations presenting their wish lists and complaining, only for nothing to get done.

If you want to schedule a meet, I'd be happy to attend
I'll be there on March 17th.  I also have a paid zoom meetings and zoom webinar (easier to manage people on) if you want to use it.

I attached slides that I made a while back with some ideas for the range.  There's also a report the NRA did a decade ago and I have some other resources and pictures I took of other ranges.

Funding is going to be a key part as even the most basic of things will cost a lot of money.  The city put a million dollars into Koko Head last year, not sure if it was just the range or the entire Koko Head District Park.  That money just fixed the backstops.  Doing extensive changes like what I have in my slides would probably cost like $15+ million, likely  more.  And the City would probably want it self-sustaining.  Hawaii DLNR manages the Pittman Robertson funds it which provide up to a 75% Federal/25% state match but Feds won't match the whole amount and it competes with the proposed Kauai and Big Island ranges.  The KHSC annual usage count was 70,000 including LE a few years ago.  So a $10 range fee would get you $700,000 a year +  $100,000 in other funds.  Current staffing and maintenance should be around $400,000 a year.  Hanauma Bay supposidly helps fund the range, but not sure if they got this issue fixed.

All the range managers and developers I talked recommended moving KHSC to another location for safety and expansion.  But I don't see that ever happening.  We can't even get a new landfill and jail built.

$15 mil sounds crazy, but it is actually not much when compared to other projects that were unnecessary and unwarranted. Perfect example was the park in Waimanalo that Caldwell tried to rush through and the majority of citizens didn't want; believe it amounted to $35 mil.

I think the potential to be partially or completely self-sustaining and potentially generate revenue for the C&C after an essentially small to average investment (compared to other projects) is a great opportunity that is hard to ignore. Like you said: +70k went to the range in it's current state, so imagine how many more might go if improvements were made and how much more potential revenue could result
Given the interest and number of people who agreed to participate (that I personally know have been working on the range) and because Mrs. Tupola is getting busy with her schedule, I contacted her and she agreed to a meeting on Wednesday, March 17th at 6pm. This gives us 2 weeks to plan and prepare.

I will be confirming attendence numbers for her by those who replied on the thread thus far and will be provide a link to those individuals via PM when I receive it from Mrs. Tupola. If you don't want to publicly list yourself as attending, send me a PM.

We have 2 weeks, so please use the time to coordinate with each other to identify the main priorities for the range and plans/ideas that could be realistically implemented. We have our wants for the range, but we need to focus on the needs that can easily justified as necessities, especially given the current situation with state and county budgeting. Again, focus on priorities that can benefit everyone who uses or will/could the range and think of solutions that can be implemented.

If you do not have zoom, please download it ahead of time.

Finally, I have reassured Mrs. Tupola that we are encouraging professionalism and civility from attendees during this meeting, and any unnecessary or belligerent talk or arguments will not be tolerated. If any unproductive or unprofessional behavior is identified, I'm giving Mrs. Tupola full reign to remove those individuals from the meeting. I invested a lot of time and effort building a good relationship with Mrs. Tupola and am very grateful she is willing to at least hear us out, so I don't want this conversation turning into arguments or name calling that is so common on 2ahawaii threads. She is the link to the city city council that we have been waiting for, because she genuinely cares and wants to help. Do not blow this opportunity. If you feel you can't control your issues or anger enough to hold a civil conversation, please do not attend.
Interest in or confirmation of participation, constructive input/ideas/topics for discussion and identifying priorities that specifically relate to the meeting with the C&C about fixing/improving KHSC is all that's wanted for this post.

If you guys want to debate or argue, go on another thread or start a new one.
I'm in.  I was working on the KHSC improvement petition a few years ago but it stagnated so I started HIFICO to build support first.  I had some ideas for the range.  One of the more drastic ones was to build a new skeet and trap range somewhere else and replace it with more bays.  Birdshot don't reach out far so it's easier to build a range for that than for rifles.  As with anything, funding will be the biggest problem especially when $10+ million is needed.  It's going to require user fees, donations, concessions, and pittman robertson matching funds, though it's competing against the Big Island and Kauai for those funds.

Exactly the kind of stuff needed. I made it known that this effort has been going on for years and went largely ignored, and that the community just wants a chance to discuss this with people in the C&C who are are willing to listen and help or find a way to compromise.

I like the idea of userfees for upkeep, and I'm sure they would love the potential revenue source as well. I would have no problem paying to use bays, so long as I am not restricted to the current conditions; especially at the rifle and pistol ranges.

One thing I didn't get around to was making a survey of what people want.  That's what everyone recommended should be done first.

If I had a wish list, I would want the bays leveled out to modern range standards; tired of shooting from a hill and being restricted to 2 set distances. I would like the ability to safely shoot at ground level at whatever distance I can set my target at, for both rifle and pistol. I also wouldn't mind completely doing away with designated pistol and rifle ranges and just expanding the bays/lanes to allow people to shoot whatever they want.

I agree that more input would be beneficial, but I think it's important to get the bug in their ears and get the ball rolling.

Great idea,  not sure if we can get funding with the current economic situation.  I be willing to donate though.  Too bad we can't get one if those donate to X things on our tax forms. 

She mentioned Mr. Waters is working on numerous budget related items; all out of wack, as to be expected with how corrupt and wasteful previous administrations have been. I assume that's why it's important to have him involved and gain his support to get this moving

Anotger possible taking point Im hoping the leaders of this effort can discuss is adopting the park. Mrs. Tupola wasn't aware that the park was under the jurisdiction of the C&C, and I told her previous attempts for organizations to adopt and care for the range went ignored.

I also informed her that there was interest from the community to fund or contribute to the renovations independently since nothing was being done, but that aldo went ignored.

I bet you guys that Knudsen is all over this, trying to panic the politicians about increased mayhem and phantom ballets flying over Koko crater.

Same time, you all have a far better chance at getting these improvements than we on the BI have getting any sort of range at all.

I'm willing to discuss the bullet incident if this meeting comes to fruition, but not sure if it's necessary or beneficial. I think what's most important is to demonstrate that one of, if not the most popular C&C of Oahu park has been and is being largely neglected, and that improvements and renovations that have been ignored must be implemented for safety reasons. A personal example I have is my father became walking impaired in his later years and struggled to reach the target. This could be fixed by simply making the lanes ground level and also allowing people to shoot at closer distances.

A major overhaul of range design might seem out of the question, but when you factor in issues with access for disabled individuals, safety issues with an outdated range design from WWII and lack of essential infrastructure (like functioning bathrooms and drinking water sources), it greatly justifies the necessity for the implementation of the ideas many of you have.
Now that Andria Tupola is on C&C, we have an opportunity to address the concerns about the range that have largely been ignored by previous administrations;  i.e. renovations, improvements, adopting the park, etc.

I reached out to her and she is willing to host a meeting (likely via a digital platform like zoom) to have a discussion about what can be done. She also wants to bring Tommy Waters into the discussion, whom she feels is open to supporting this effort and whose support will likely be needed for anything to move forward. Thielen will likely be involved and she is aware of her anti-2a views, but is hoping she can set those aside and focus on the responsibilities of her position and not make this a personal/political issue.

I need all those who have been playing a part in fighting for the range to confirm if they are willing to meet. If we can get enough attendance by these individuals, I will reach out to her again to set up the meeting. She and other council members who may participate are busy with other priority projects, so it might not happen ASAP. But having worked with her previously on other issues, I know she will follow through with trying to address concerns of the community.

Please use this opportunity to make a positive change to possibly get the improvements and repairs the range needs. I don't want this post to turn into Tupola-bashing, negative nancy replies about how nothing is going to happen; either things can change or they won't, but all we can do is try.

I'm scheduled to follow up with her in a week or two, so please let me know if this is something you guys are interested in.
Just curious.

I enjoy driving past the pillars and seeing them already failing (cracking) before even being used, then reflect on how some Roman structures built 2000 years ago are in better shape than stuff built 1-2 years ago for this project
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