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Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 24, 2021, 08:06:17 AM »
What do you guys think Trump’s exit strategy was?  Leave the Afghan Government high and dry or negotiate with the Taliban?  We transferred a crap ton of equipment to them over 20 years.
Trump and his policies were trying to return the US back into being the American republic again.  Hence, being the businessman he is, I truly believe, as much as he did not like China, he knew how China does business internationally, and was orchestrating America into taking their first baby steps away, from imperial invasion based economics, towards a more carrot and stick approach.

Similar to his attitude towards NATO, the de-occupation of Afghanistan would have been one, of his crowning achievements, during his presidency, and would have signaled the pivot away, of America's long-standing imperial foreign policy.  However, as I have repeated, ad nauseum, the oligarchical Power Okole that really runs the US empire had no interest in surrendering their dominion, just for the American citizenry, to regain their republic again.

Biden was allowed to become the current US imperial puppet president, in order, to purposely botch the de-occupation of Afghanistan and take the political blame, for the debacle; which would further sway pro-military/pro-war public opinion, for either a potential re-invasion of Afghanistan, to be taken, at a later date; or direct American patriots' emotional feelings of defeat and revenge, towards to the US empire's all-or-nothing sights for war, with China and/or Russia, as is happening right now, as we speak.

The question is whether remaining American patriots will keep their sights on, who is their true enemy, and not be tempted, to fight another imperial war, with the Power Okole's implicit goal, of eradicating those same American patriots.

To be determined...
Political Discussion / Re: The porcupine strategy
« on: September 20, 2021, 01:17:31 PM »
I cheer on a crash.   Chinas failing polices can't stay propped up forever.
You cheer on a crash because you have not financially succeeded in your life.

What a selfish mantra?  If you can't make it, then no one else will.

Shame; such 'a'ama crab mentality! 
Political Discussion / Re: The porcupine strategy
« on: September 20, 2021, 01:12:28 PM »
Lol.  China wants war.  China wants Taiwan.  Taiwan is not part of China.  China has no freedoms or democracy.  Taiwan has.  We have to protect them.  Fuk China.
Stop crying like a baby.

You are all upset because the average Chinese has more financial opportunities to become a millionaire, in their own country, than you.

Instead of screaming for war, due to your lack of skills to compete, get educated, and become a better capitalist.
Political Discussion / Re: The porcupine strategy
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:51:21 AM »
With all due to respect, your interpretation disregards US Constitutional and international law.

Hawaii belongs to the citizens of Hawaii, not a king, a oligarchy, an "Empire", or the USA.
Same with Taiwan.  it belongs to them, not China.
Hawaii is an illegally occupied country, per US Constitutional and international law; hence, unless current Hawaii residents are descendants of Hawaiian nationals (not race or ethnicity), they have no real legal say, regarding the political/legal future of Hawaii

Taiwan has never been or is currently an internationally recognized sovereign nation.  Hence, the residents of Taiwan have no legal basis to be recognized as such.  Remember, there is no such thing, as the nation of Taiwan.  They are known internationally, as the "Republic of China".

In the case of Hawaii they freely voted for statehood in the USA.
How could there be a vote for statehood, when the territory in-question is being illegally occupied, by that same nation?

In the case of Taiwan they freely refuse to submit to the CCP. :wave:
The residents of Taiwan can freely refuse to submit to China; however, they are legally insurgents, not protected, by any international law, and subject to the laws of China regarding sedition.

Political Discussion / Re: The porcupine strategy
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:19:41 AM »
What kind of news reporting was that???   :wtf: 

It sounded like paid advertising, for the Power Okole's military industrial complex.  "Taiwan has a lot of money and should pay for the best weapons the US empire produces, all in the name, of freedom and democracy."

Give me a break!

The US imperial song and dance has not changed.  Stir things up, with cries of freedom and democracy / bad (insert country); have a war; send American patriots or the citizenry, of their vassal state, to die needlessly; reap the profits, from the dead; and laugh themselves to the bank.

China does not want war.  It is the US empire that does.  Unlike Hawaii, Taiwan legally belongs to China.  End of story.
General Discussion / Re: Vaccine Passport at LGS
« on: September 19, 2021, 10:25:13 AM »
I thought it was up to the legislature to make laws. Have we become an authoritarian regime and nobody told me?
HB, I have been telling you for years.  The American Republic that I myself admire and respect is long since dead.

America became the US empire, at least, by the time Hawaii was illegally annexed by them in 1898.  Some historians argue the American Republic died much earlier than that.  The only difference is the ultrawealthy was very clandestine, in its oligarchic administration, up until the 21st century.  Since 2000, just like the Gambino's crime family's former leader, John Gotti, they decided to no longer rule, from behind the scenes.  However, just like Gotti's only mistake, the US empire's Power Okole is making the same error that will take their empire with it.

As I predicted and shared, on this forum, on numerous occasions; the US empire is falling, as recently evidenced, with its apparent withdrawal or surrender, in the Middle East, just like the Romans, about two millennia ago.  Its pivot to Asia, with the desperate goal, of goading China, into a zero-sum Earth destroying war; might be the US empire's last hurrah, in trying to save itself.  Unfortunately, they will not be able to defeat China and/or Russia, for that matter, as well as can't accept that their rule, of our planet is over; and are willing to annihilate everything and everyone, before that happens.

Stay tuned...
General Discussion / Re: This is certainly one way to do it.
« on: September 18, 2021, 04:26:56 PM »
Good on them for doing the world a favor and themselves a favor. Iran with nukes is bad.
Who says Iran or any other nation can't have the right to defend themselves?

The only favor a non-nuclear armed Iran provides is to the US empire.  Without nuclear arms, an illegal invasion of Iran, by US imperial forces, will always be on the table.

North Korea was very keen to observe the illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.  All those nations did not possess a nuclear arms deterrent, to US imperial-led military invasion, and their respective citizenry paid (Afghanistan, Libya, & Syria) and are still paying the price (Iraq).

Fuck Iran. I hope they do more against our enemies.
What did Iran ever do to America?  If I recall, original sin was the illegal overthrow, of the secular democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh that was orchestrated, by the US empire in 1953.  Its extremely obscene, for Americans to hate Iran today, for the events that transpired in 1979, as those events was a revolution that ended US imperial puppet rule. 
General Discussion / Re: This is certainly one way to do it.
« on: September 18, 2021, 01:50:52 PM »
Political assassination, without trial nor a declaration of war are typical illegal actions of evil empires and/or rouge states.

Such barbarity are not akin to those, who follow the rule-of-law.

Off Topic / Re: My COVID Experience
« on: September 17, 2021, 01:18:37 PM »
Nothing wrong with blaming china AND the unvaxxed 
At least, you are not blaming Trump, for everything.
Off Topic / Re: My COVID Experience
« on: September 17, 2021, 01:12:15 PM »
The event has a no refund policy because the $ for the class is donated to a church that runs a children's summer camp.  This was known b4 signing up.  We were able to find 2 people to take our spots.  If we weren't able to, then they would have just given us a class next year and we wouldn't have to pay.  So kudo's to Active Self Protection for trying their best to help us out.  The ammo we already shipped up there will be used by the 2 who took our spots.

There are lots of varying stories. I know people who had the worst flu in their lives, but didn't need to go hospital.  To just losing sense of taste and smell.  To sore throat, fever, body ache.  Vaxxed, unvaxxed all random.
First of all, thank God you and your ohana are safe.

Second, your narrative just reaffirms one thing.  As a species, we still don't know all there is to know about Covid-19.  As a result, one thing is for certain.  Until enough data is collected, prevention and mitigation, as they are not the same, are the only two mutually excusive things that people can count on, for their own safety moving forward.  In fact, I personally will not take anything about Covid-19 as Biblical, until after year 5, at least.  Even then, we still won't be able to say for certain, until year 10.
Great and accurate assessment.

Ever since the illegal annexation of Hawaii, by the US empire in 1898, the "so-called elected" US puppet government has always been dominated by an oligarchic dictatorship.  When the White racist Republicans were in-charge from 1898 to 1959, the White dominated Big-Five were the ultrawealthy than ran the show.  Since 1959, when the non-White led Democrats assumed political control, the Construction/Developer tycoons and outsider tourism corporations became the new ultrawealthy oligarchs that currently call the shots today.

Suffice-to-say, those living in Hawaii are viewed, by the ultrawealthy, as being nothing but modern day serfs and wage-slaves to support their industries.  The high cost-of-living is inconsequential, as the ultrawealthy knows that every local can and has been replaced with an ongoing influx, of new immigrants, to the Hawaiian Islands.

Aboriginal Hawaiians know that this status of affairs will never change, as it does not matter which political cheek, of the same Power Okole, is in-charge.  Hence, it is this reality above that people living in Hawaii should understand, as one of the many reasons, why aboriginal Hawaiians want the de-occupation of Hawaii, by the US empire.
Political Discussion / Re: Why we need to change
« on: September 12, 2021, 09:57:11 AM »
I know more Mandarin than Hawaiian language.
Funny thing you said that; because my Mandarin Chinese is better than my Olelo Hawaii as well.   :thumbsup:

My first language is Olelo Pidgin and my second language is English.   :geekdanc:
Political Discussion / Re: Why we need to change
« on: September 12, 2021, 08:44:36 AM »
With respect to the question you raise, if you are specifically singling out Hawaii Democrats, you need to go back in history, before those Democrats came into power.

When the Hawaiian Kingdom was illegally overthrown and illegally annexed by the US, it was the White Republican racist minority that only wanted to remain a territory and never to become an official state, of the US empire.  Why?  They knew, if Hawaii became an official state, they would lose their almost unilateral political power, as Hawaiian nationals would be afforded US Constitutional protections, particularly the vote.  With the aboriginal Hawaiians being the majority population in Hawaii, at that time, the White Republican racist minority was not about to lose their dominant status because of the personal liberties afforded by the US Constitution.

Now then, to answer the question regarding the overbearing laws preventing the 2nd Amendment in Hawaii, you need to realize what ethnic population(s) led the way into becoming an official state, of the US empire.  I can assure you, it was not the aboriginal Hawaiians that wanted to trade White Republican racist rule, just for non-White ethnic Democrats, to take their place.  Suffice-to-say, although the newly empowered non-White Democrats were viewed in a much better light than the recently overthrown White Republican racists, the new Power Okole knew aboriginal Hawaiians would one day rise and work for the de-occupation of their nation and that was something obviously not acceptable to them.  Hence, it should come to no surprise that same Power Okole would be very restrictive to the 2nd Amendment moving forward, in case of such eventuality.

Ironically, seeing how the unpredicted, unforeseen, and abrupt de-occupation of Afghanistan unfolded, after 20 years of US puppet government rule, you could say the current local US imperial government operating in Hawaii has reason to be concerned.   :shaka:
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« on: September 06, 2021, 05:43:22 PM »
Talking to my neighbors who are both ER nurses, word they are hearing is Delta has peaked and will begin to wane.
Let's hope so.

People who are looking at the Delta data now are saying it probably wasnt more infectious than the 1st wave and number of deaths wasnt much different.
If the numbers are on the lower side, thank God.

However, let's not forget our medical establishment has learned a thing or two to treat Covid-19 victims and the fact that more people understood the good/bad/ugly of mask wearing and vaccination, which might have played a role as well.

How many more variants do we have to cycle thru to figure out the goverments reaction to all this was dumb?
The bumbling buffoons running the US empire's Covid-19 response is not as stupid, as they look.  Contrary to the financially suffering Americans on Main Street, the ultrawealthy on Wall Street has made a killing and are laughing their way to the bank.  I would not be surprised, if the Power Okole wants the situation, in the empire, to remain the same.
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:23:37 AM »
Wouldn't have happened if the U.S. still believed in "America First" doctrine.
I go one-step further.

Americans today would not have had to endure the foreign and domestic problems it currently does, if the Americans of the past resisted the temptation of empire that represents what America has tragically now become.
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 04, 2021, 10:30:39 AM »
Apparently 100 of the Afghan immigrants they imported into the US so far have been I'D as having links to terrorists, thousands still haven't been security cleared yet.
We should not be surprised.

Those people are probably the family and friends, of the US empire's terrorists-for-hire team.  Their immediate evacuation just illustrates how they are more important to the US empire than its own citizenry.
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 02, 2021, 02:30:08 PM »
China just banned feminized Men from appearing on social media platforms, doesn't sound like the will be bringing Gender Studies to the Afghans.
I wonder how many forum members will be passionately opposed to this Chinese domestic policy.

Does any particular forum member comes to mind?
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 02, 2021, 02:26:42 PM »
Yes look at Africa.
How many countries, on that continent, went through a color revolution that resulted in a Chinese proxy government supported by a military garrison on its territory, per the US imperial model?
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 02, 2021, 01:06:35 PM »
And China trying to do the same thing is somehow good?
What do you think China's involvement in Afghanistan will be?

Do you think China has the same goals and objectives the US empire had, in their 20 year illegal occupation of that country?
Political Discussion / Re: withdrawal from Afghanistan, bad idea?
« on: September 02, 2021, 08:55:47 AM »
Too late by now the Chinese have moved in SAM batteries that the Taliban asked for. The door to go back in is probably closed.

Everyone has to know by now that the so-called Afghan national government was nothing more than an installed US imperial backed proxy regime, judging from the ease the Taliban was able to take over, once the US imperial military left the country.  The fact that no civil war broke out is indicative that the overwhelming majority of Afghans did not want to continue being a vassal state of the US empire.

Although US imperial propaganda currently bombards the World, with so-called Afghans trying to desperately flee their country, what is not being said is the probable fact those people and their families were in all likelihood either collaborators, to the US empire, or outright criminals fleeing prosecution, from the Taliban.  This is not good news for Americans, if Afghans show up in your city and they are from the latter group.

The lesson learned is that the people of a sovereign country being occupied do not forget their history as well as will work and rejoice the eventual departure, of the illegally occupying forces.

That is true patriotism that American patriots should rejoice in solidarity.
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