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Aloha mauidog!
Just a short note of appreciation for the way you summarized the situation regarding the HPD-HMO debacle. Your statement:

If the health care providers are not qualified to determine a patient's suitability to own firearms,
and HPD is not qualified to make a determination using a patient's medical history records,
then who IS qualified to use our medical records to make such a determination?
I believe what we are seeing here is the attempt to implement a requirement which was never feasible in the first place.
The law was written broadly to give HPD access to medical records for purposes of evaluating a person's mental health.  Everyone knew the police are not qualified for that.
Once the police finally realized they are not qualified, they tried to use policy to force the healthcare providers to make the determination for them.  Kaiser and Straub appear to be only two (first two?) to push back.
This is the result of bad laws being implemented with no optimal solution possible.  It's a catch-22 .... neither side is qualified to make the determination, HPD for lack of medical training and the HMO for lack of willingness to make a determination without a full psych eval of the applicant.
Where does that leave us?  Either the law will be changed to require a psych eval for all permit applicants, or the City & County will have to hire medical experts to review medical records and conduct interviews to make a determination.
We have crossed over from "innocent until proven guilty (or crazy)," to "you must prove you are not guilty (crazy) before you may exercise this God-given Constitutional Right."

I am currently in that exact situation and am seeking a licensed physician to write the letter. My pickup period was 7/1-7/7/2016, so that's not going to happen.

Thanks again for your summary and conclusion.

Comment by: Old Haole Man

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