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Barracuda Soft Armour
« on: February 07, 2015, 07:06:32 PM »

Pretty impressive stuff.

Saab, the automobile manufacturer, has just unveiled its Barracuda Soft Armour system; a defensive wall made entirely out of ceramic beads.

Thanks to the malleable nature of the beads, the walls are able to withstand machine gun fire and even armor-piercing bullets. The Soft Armour soft armor can be retrofitted on vehicles, existing walls and anything else that needs some proper, futuristic cover.

This system is perfect for schools and other civilian-based areas as it causes no ricochet. The beads simply gobble up the bullets before shouting “you shall not pass,” like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. Say goodbye to fragmentation-related injuries.

It does weigh in at 180kg per square meter, which may not make it the perfect solution for vehicles, although it should pose no problem for heavier models.


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I think that the story made reference to the wrong Saab. I doubt that it was the automobile manufacturing Saab who made this armor it was more than likely the Defense Technologies Saab they were once the same company but no longer.


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I wanna see them take it to the knob creek machine gun show, put 20lbs of tannerite as well as a 55 gallon barrel of fuel behind it and see a mini gun hit it as well as all the other fun guns to see how it stands up to full auto sustained fire...


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I don't think it would be good for that kind of stress. I agree with the article for civilian applications. For example if you wanted to make a safe room in your house.