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Title: Newsletter 3/20/2010
Post by: 2aHawaii on March 20, 2010, 12:35:20 PM
Hi 2aHawaii Members,
Thank you all for the great response on SB358. With your help, the PBS committee recommended passing the bill with 12 "Ayes" and one "Aye with reservations." For the next step, it will move on to the JUD committee and, I believe, it should move on to the House for a final vote. Testimony will be needed for that part as well, so if you want to participate, please prepare your testimony and we'll let you know when and where to send it in. If you need status updates on the SB358, you can subscribe to notifications at this topic: http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=307.0 (http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=307.0)

It may be a little late and all you gun nuts probably already know about the gun show, but today and tomorrow are the semi-annual Great Guns gun show. Admission is $6. You can also get more information on time and location here: http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=300.0 (http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=300.0)

On a side note, the outcome of McDonald et al vs. the City of Chicago should be announced at the end of the Supreme Court session at the end of June.

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