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Title: Products we carry **UPDATED 2/19/2016**
Post by: Mojo on August 10, 2012, 09:37:36 AM
Mojo Tactical is an authorized Dealer for:

Blue Force Gear(Very lightweight tactical gear incorporating their Ten Speed and Helium Whisper lines, Vickers Slings, and the LMAC PC.)
BritKitUSA (Manufacturer of custom patches.)
CamelBak (Maker of great packs and hydration carriers.)
Eberlestock (Manufacturer of Hunting and Tactical packs with integrated rifle carriers.)
Emdom USA (Tactical, stackable gear. Maker of some great kit.)
Gearkeeper (lanyard manufacturer for tools and firearms.)
Hazard4 (Maker of tactical go-bags, messenger bags and other specialty products)
Jones Tactical (Tactical belts in all shapes and sizes)
KP Industries (Knee and Elbow protection as well as steel lined insoles)
Orca Industries (Manufacturer of patches)
Original SWAT (Lightweight tactical boots)
Outdoor Tactical Enterprises (DIstributor for Powertraveller, Walkstool and Numa Optics)
Princeton Tec (Headlamps and other lighting solutions)
Propper (Manufacturer of A-TACS Camo, as well as outerwear and other tactical apparel)
Ranger Up (Veteran owned TShirt company)
Sticker Ups (Custom firearms stickers)
Wise Company (Emergency food rations and long term food storage)
Infidel Caps (Headwear and Morale Patches)
Bawidamann (Mounting Solutions for knives and firearms)
Tactical Tailor (US Manufacturer of Tactical products)
Source Hydration (Hydration Pouch and Pack Manufacturer)
Rite In The Rain (Waterproof writing products)
VERTX (High performance athletic and tactical clothing)
ORAL IV (Rapid Electrolyte Rehydration)
Tru Spec (Manufacturer of All Terrain Tiger and Desert Tigerstripe)
Garmont (Military boots)
Agilite(helmet covers)
Echo Niner (Camera Gear)
Mechanix (Gloves)
Smith Optics (Eye Protection)
Vargo Stoves (Ultralight cooking Equipment)
Regulation Tactical (Mag Pouches)
McNett (Camowrap, DWR, microfiber towels)
North American Rscue (Tourniquets, First aid equipment)
Limitless gear (Magazine pouches)
Medford Knives (Sharp objects)
Four Sevens (Compact pocket lights)

We are also constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products. We will also do our best to source products you are looking for!
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mahalo mojo!
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Post by: changemyoil66 on February 08, 2018, 05:58:05 PM
Dammit, just bought a bfg vickers sling.

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Well, if you ever need another. please keep us in mind! Can't go wrong with BFG!