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I figured that insurance might not apply to purge. Hawaii cops might all die next morning.

The Purge is supposed to be a cathartic experience for the citizens of the USA, allowing them to vent any aggression and frustration they might have on that one night. As a result, the rest of the year they would be relatively calm.
That's an idiotic reason oh well. I thought it was to kill homeless or weak people or something.
If you guys leave your houses though you might not have one when you return. Not sure what the exact rules of the purge are.
Seems like great news to me. It's not like she can pass anti-gun laws. She can only help to improve school security and discipline, which we badly need.

What can she do? That's besides the point, she'll do whatever she is able to. If nothing, that's fine.

What could be done? Get SPED students back out of normal classes, it's kind of a stupid movement anyway. Although I also think too many students are classified as SPED and I don't know where this individual belonged. The whole situation with SPED is messed up in America because the fields of psychology and education are  bullshit. They have kids in the normal classes who can't even speak and sit there staring at the ceiling with drool coming out of their mouth, and they have kids classified as SPED who are totally normal and even above average intelligence.

Get better security guards. Armed guard on site is good but you can always bring in more armed guards or train them better. Maybe some will act.

Deal with problem students earlier and more aggressively. Either this kid or those who instigated him (I don't know details so I'm not taking a side) should have been expelled long before any massacre occurred. This is a school discipline issue and students in general should be expelled much more easily in America.
Off Topic / Re: Road rage in Hawaii Nei
« on: August 29, 2018, 02:51:15 PM »
Some dude just now was road raging on someone else. He got out of his car but the light changed so he got back in. White BMW license plate SDJ 880, he was wearing tank top with tattoos on arms. I tried to follow without being noticed so I could see who he was angry at, but lost him almost immediately, his car is really fast. :worship:
Quote from: changemyoil66 date=1535583301
I heard about this movie, but couldn't find myself watching it because the reactions of the non-criminals are dumb.  if someone came into my home uninvited during the purge and there are no laws and no consequences, then I would blast away and even forget about gun safety rule (know what's beyond your target). Gotta make sure you got lots of ammo.
I only saw the movie fairly recently also when it was on cable TV (someone else's subscription). Forced digital is good for some things (better quality and a few more channels, might not have seen it otherwise) although overall I would revert back to analog if I could.

I think the same as you, I would kill any intruder mercilessly and even use the opportunity to study the most effective and minimum damage required to kill, if possible. Not torture on purpose, and I'd hope for the quickest and most deadly kill to succeed, but if I happened to find myself in a situation where I stood to learn something I would use the opportunity to slice them up and learn what I could so I can kill more effectively next time.

I might be reluctant to shoot up my own house though because I'll break my stuff. I'll only fight if I have to. The last time I had a home invasion (described elsewhere here) I had actually and probably foolishly prioritized my stuff over my own safety in various ways (I did not describe our exact encounters in full detail).

I would not be an active participant as there is no one near me that I want to kill at this time, however if there was, I would consider it. I might also think about looting a company that pissed me off, but there likewise aren't any local ones that fit that category. Except maybe the cable companies but I don't think you can loot much from them.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting in Jacksonville at Gamer Tournament
« on: August 26, 2018, 03:28:02 PM »
We are fortunate that this did not occur over a video game where there are guns in the game.

This is more a reflection of gaming communities and their poor behavior, than anything to do with guns. This could have occurred with knives. In the past there have been fist fights and stuff at video game tournaments, just doesn't make big enough news unless people die.

General Discussion / Re: NRA Claims Financial "Difficulties"
« on: August 03, 2018, 03:45:59 PM »
Most of the numerous articles covering this are biased and using completely misleading headlines. It's not a big deal.
Even if she was a Russian spy so what. I don't see how that relates to firearms. If anything that might somehow just help us buy more Russian firearms or something.
Political Discussion / Re: Governors race candidates at HPU
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:12:18 PM »
I hate Hanabusa they put campaign signs in my yard without asking and they weren't that easy to take down. Somebody put campaign signs in my yard a couple years ago too even though I said no and they made a big hole in the grass.
When I was a kid my parents didn't buy me any toys or garbage pail kids. I suffered greatly because of my parents.

Society isn't obligated to provide kids with the highest standards for free. You can live without a doctor. Plenty of working adults live without doctors. Other working adults see doctors too often, every time they sneeze or stub their toe, and health insurance makes me pay for their stupidity. I don't want to pay for someone else's kid with cancer when I wouldn't even be able to afford the same treatment for myself. If our health system were less corrupt and the costs affordable, certain limited expenditures could be a consideration, but right now it should be out of the question.
General Discussion / "Police officers are civilians with guns"
« on: July 05, 2018, 03:23:16 PM »

I was waiting for someone else to start a topic about this story but no one did. Apparently there were various teams of police and security guards present during the bumpfire Vegas shooting but they just hid and didn't do anything.

"Police officers are civilians with guns. The notion that they can spring into action and take on a mass murderer who is running up the body count is probably something you can't ask."
We have the highest healthcare costs and some of the worst outcomes in the developed world...because of the private insurance industry scam
Exactly, health care in the US is screwed up. Until they fix it so that we pay similar prices to other countries, healthcare should not be provided or distributed for "free" as the burden is too great. Not even to children or the elderly. Health insurance should be optional and Obamacare is crap. This is the only way to protect ourselves and give customers the power to remove the corruption in the health insurance industry.

I'm not necessarily opposed to providing "free" public education as we currently do, even free housing and perhaps basic food and needs (not candies and junk foods). Actually now that I think about it, providing food and shelter should arguably come before education, which we offer in part so that kids can be brainwashed with the political beliefs that education "professors" favor (not necessarily the same as what teachers themselves believe).

Why do homeless people need health insurance. If they get sick and can't recover, let them die. Less burden on society in the end. Even in our current system, poor working people who can't afford expensive cancer treatments or surgeries (that may not work) must choose to die. If a homeless person catches a cold and dies, good riddance. If he didn't die then the doctor was unnecessary.
I already noted in previous years that the liberal judges were the ones generally upholding our constitutional rights, or at least leaning more towards that end. The conservative judges have been garbage on everything except the second amendment. I have no faith in the US government or its legal system. In reality I might say we have no rights at all and the constitution is a sham to keep the populace feeling positive about this country.
General Discussion / Re: Newspaper article Mililani teacher
« on: June 24, 2018, 04:02:22 PM »
Wait the article also says "A Board of Education policy prohibits firearms on any school campus or DOE workplace" though it does not support this claim with the actual policy. I had thought that display firearms were allowed for teaching purposes, but apparently not. So what's the truth?
General Discussion / Re: Newspaper article Mililani teacher
« on: June 24, 2018, 03:53:51 PM »
Well the last comment was totally on the other end of the spectrum, it said schools and principals should never allow this and must be regulated so they cannot.

I side with the principal on this, which is actually more like a middle ground if you consider that full spectrum. A decision like this should be left up to the principal of the school. He should have some influence over what his teachers can and cannot do. If not then he has no job and is a puppet, while the teachers are unregulated and unsupervised.

There is no other requirement that teachers must do this or cannot do this. If it is up to the principal of a particular school, I am fine with that.
Off Topic / Re: Extreme knifemaking skills
« on: June 24, 2018, 03:19:19 PM »
Hardness determining how well an edge can stay sharp is what relates the two, and why they are often considered to be the same, even though they are not, as you said. If the jello knife is very sharp but not hard and cannot cut many materials, then the sharpness doesn't mean much. The video demonstrates the cutting of paper and cucumbers, though it didn't look like it cut that clean to me. He should have tried to cut some chicken with skin on them or something to verify that it is lethal to humans.
Off Topic / Re: Extreme knifemaking skills
« on: June 24, 2018, 02:49:03 PM »
At the end of the video it shows a list which says:

Sharpness Ranking (Non Metallic)

1. Carbon Fiber
2. Pasta (Durum semolina)
3. jello
4. Wood (Lignum vitae)
5. Plate (Gemstone)
6. Plastic food wrap (polyethylene/Nylon)
7. katsuobushi (Dried bonito)
8. ice (water / 100% polyester)
9. chocolate (Cacao100%chocolate / candy)

I dispute that. Dried up jello should not be harder than ceramic/plate/gemstone items. In fact rocks/gemstone are harder than metal, as they are what we use to sharpen metal. He says sharpness ranking and not hardness ranking, but usually sharpness is equated with hardness of a material.
General Discussion / Re: tragedy despite a dog
« on: June 24, 2018, 02:35:04 PM »
Not saying this shooting was reasonable or not, but this sounds way more reasonable than the katana girl shooting to me. I don't particularly like dogs, but if I liked a dog, to me it would be worth infinitely more than a random human's life, someone that I don't know, someone who may be an asshole or a bad guy.

If someone deliberately hurt any animal that is my friend I would be happy to kill him, and probably suffer the consequences for my actions afterwards. I'm not a cop though. If I were, I would follow the requirements of the job. The police sent the dog in, the dog also has a job and putting his life on the line is part of it. If there was any improper action here it was probably the choice to send in an attack dog in that situation.
Off Topic / Re: Extreme knifemaking skills
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:15:39 AM »
1) Makes into knife shape and dries jello up until solid.
2) Adds an edge with traditional methods.
3) Liquifies jello and shows you how to poison kids on Halloween.

Claims sharper than ceramic/stone knives? I dunno about that. He should try to make a really big jello katana since it is not legal to own them there. A big green katana would be very cool. You might even be able to kill someone with it if the blade is thick and sturdy enough.
Off Topic / Re: Police killed a katana woman!
« on: June 20, 2018, 06:15:17 PM »
New accounts are even more bizarre than the old ones. Some facts seem incompatible with others.

It started(?) with a break-in(?) at Robert Person’s (unoccupied and unlocked) home. He says Fulkerson, 28, stole a bridesmaid’s dress and a decorative sword. (so I presume she was naked when she entered his house :love:)

Fulkerson hopped out of the window of Person's home and ran to the garage of the abandoned home across the street. "It just seemed like the wrong angle. She seemed like a scared animal that was cornered.” Two hours later, a battering ram forced her out. Then, there were gunshots.

Witnesses said Fulkerson charged officers with the sword. (regardless of anything else, as long as this is true then the police acted reasonably :-[)

"If she’s running across the street half-naked with a sword, she’s probably not OK. She probably needs a doctor. She needs her mom. She needs somebody besides the militarized police.” (this is why I want pictures ;D)


According to police, the incident began(?) about 1:30 p.m. when officers working in the area of Northeast 38th Street and North Jackson Avenue saw a woman (in a wedding dress) walking down the street with a sword. (how is this a crime? there can only be one beginning. and only one highlander)

She appeared to be headed toward a day care center. The officers tried to talk to her, but she ran. (trying to get her phone number perhaps? ;D)

Simonetti then tried unsuccessfully to enter several homes before breaking into a house where no one was home. Because police considered Simonetti armed and because she would not leave the house, they initiated a procedure for an armed standoff. That procedure includes bringing more officers to the scene, including a tactical team and negotiators. Police surrounded the house, and the nearby day care was placed on lockdown. After about an hour and 20 minutes, Simonetti left the house and fled into a nearby detached garage, still carrying the sword. The homeowner said last Friday that Simonetti had entered his house through an unlocked door and took a decorative sword and put on a bridesmaid dress.

While she was fleeing, officers used several nonlethal tools to try to arrest her. Police did not immediately specify those tools on Wednesday but said "although she was struck numerous times, they were ineffective, which is very unusual." (i guess the SWAT team sucks or something is fishy here :-\)

Officers surrounded the garage to keep Simonetti from escaping. Trying to get her to surrender, they used negotiators, pepper spray and beanbag projectiles, without success. Negotiators tried to talk to Simonetti by phone and through a public address system but received no response. About 4 p.m. — "after being repeatedly instructed to disarm," police said — Simonetti left the garage and "ran toward officers with the sword." Officers shot and killed Simonetti.


It ended with Kansas City police officers firing at least six bullets, killing 28-year-old Ashley Simonetti, and leaving those who knew her seething, insisting that although Simonetti acted peculiar, she was never a danger to others. Police on Friday confirmed they had "recovered a sword from the deceased" but did not provide any more details on what prompted officers to fire.

Police descended en masse. Simonetti, inside a neighbor's unoccupied house, climbed out of a window to elude them. The sword reportedly was stolen from the home. So was the bridesmaid's dress. (wait so she was in the street with a sword, then chased back into a house where she stole the sword and dress from? :-\)

She ran through Braaten's yard. Her dress came loose. Police fired bean bags at her in a scene that Braaten called crazy. "Seeing her run through the backyard with a sword in her hand. She’s topless(!). This lady is obviously out of her gourd," he said. (obvious by now what I want. :love:)

Finally, police tried to enter the garage with a battering ram. Simonetti sneaked under the bashed garage door and took off running. "They opened fire on her and dropped her there," Braaten said. (wait so this article refutes the charging the police version of events).

She was well known in the neighborhood, he said. Her mother lives nearby. "I know she wasn't a threat to anybody," Neff said. "She was just a colorful person." Neighbors said the same. Gerald Ferguson said he would often see Simonetti across the street, on Neff's yard, practicing her moves(!!), which Neff said was like a free-form mixture of ballet, yoga and martial arts.

So she lives in the neighborhood (true thieves rarely rob their own area) is friendly, well-liked, and well-known to be weird, and was on the street or possibly inside someone's unlocked home wearing his wife's clothes and sword? I think the police may have screwed this one up.
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