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2 acres.  I wonder how much rice paddy is needed to feed a family of 4.

General Discussion / Fingerprint fee to be reduced starting March 19.
« on: March 07, 2012, 11:36:09 AM »

The fee for fingerprinting first-time applicants for firearm permits on the Big Island will be reduced from $19.25 to $16.50.

Big Island only?
General Discussion / FYI: 3/17/12-3/18/12 Hawaii Historic Arms Gun Show.
« on: January 30, 2012, 12:22:21 PM »
Dates    Mar 17 - Mar 18, 2012
Directions    Neal S Blaisdell Center
City/State    Honolulu, HI

Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Admission: $6.00
Parking: $5.00

The Hawaii Historic Arms Gun Show will be held on Saturday, March 17th thru Sunday, March 18th, 2012. The Honolulu, HI Gun Show will be held at the Neal S Blaisdell Center and is hosted by the Hawaii Historic Arms Association of Hawaii.

Buy, Sell and Trade at the Honolulu Gun Show. Find all the modern firearms, antique guns, custom knives, military collectibles, historical items, hunting gear, shooting sports, display awards and more!
Exhibitor    Hawaii Historic Arms Association
Phone: (808) 942-8664
Venue    Neal S Blaisdell Center
777 Ward Avenue
Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 768-5400

$50 per table.
Preparedness and Survival / The Survival Food Pyramid
« on: December 14, 2011, 09:45:08 AM »
I thought this was a great idea and decided to share for those new to prepping.  Also a good way to gauge where you are at for those that have been at it for awhile.

The pyramid can be found here:

The Survival Food Pyramid

From personal experience I know, when you first get into surviving/prepping the information thrown at you can be overwhelming. The Survival Food Pyramid will get you started stocking food in a logical, simple, and economical way.

Everyone who has a basement full of canned goods and a survival garden started somewhere.  We will help get you started.
The Concept

The top of the pyramid is for stocking the smallest amount of food for the shortest amount of time. The idea being that someone who is completely new to prepping can start with a cheap and easy goal and build (downward) from there.

This pyramid will keep you from spending time and money on preps that, while they may be useful overall, are pointless to you right now. How much of a 50 pound bag of flour or rice will you use in a 3 day long power outage? Prepping in complete, logical steps is the smart way to go.
Survival Food Pyramid


If you are new to prepping, or you are experienced but find your supplies jump all over the map, start by stocking enough food and supplies for a 3 Day Emergency. This can be as simple as a single trip to the grocery store. Buy a 3 day supply of food for you household (be sure to get things with a long shelf life) and place it somewhere other than your pantry. (See our selection of Mainstay Food Bars – they have a 5 year shelf life and come in 1200, 2400, 3600 calorie packages)

If you have a typical local situation, such as a major snow storm or power outage, you won’t be one of the people raiding the grocery store.

Be sure to include at least 1 gallon of water per day, per family member, and something to cook on, like a MSR Whisperlite stove, with fuel.

The extended food preps simply build on the immediate preps. On further trips to the store, add a few food items to your 3 day cache each time and you will soon have enough to survive for several weeks. Perhaps choose a dedicated closet or other area to stock your preps.

Remember that the extended survival food supply is going to need regular cooking supplies to be stocked, such as oil, flour, sugar, spices, etc. You will also need larger water containers to support not only drinking and cooking, but hygiene.
Long Term

Long term food preps mean there has been some type of major disaster and there won’t be any trips to the store for months.. This step moves on from basic stocking, to self sustaining.

You will have to have stocked bulk supplies of staple foods for cooking, like flour, wheat, sugar, and canned goods. A large fuel supply, or alternative cooking method will have to be used, and hunting if it is available. You will also have to have an alternative water source such as water collection, filtration, and recycling.

The perpetual food supply is for total collapse from which there is no coming back or voluntary off grid living indefinitely. You must have a self sustaining food supply, like a garden with heirloom seeds and large hunting area. You must also have a natural water source other than anything you have stocked.
*Take Note

All of the time periods and recommendations in the pyramid are general. There are no specific rules. You immediate preps might last you a week. Your extended preps might run out in a month. It all depends on your situation, and what you have stocked.
Where are You?

I’m curious to know where our readers are on the Survival Food Pyramid. Are you guilty of jumping around without purpose? I’m currently working on my Extended Preps (3 Weeks or so).
Preparedness and Survival / Silver Bugs
« on: November 23, 2011, 10:36:35 AM »
I haven't seen any pre-65 nickels in my change pocket in awhile.

I'd appreciate any referrals to local companies and/or any online places that sell 1 oz rounds, coins, etc.

Post your personal experiences here as well. 

Mahalo  :shaka:

General Discussion / Hat's off to you Mr DuPont.
« on: November 20, 2011, 07:55:25 AM »
Nice story about aging in place and a plan to protect property while their house was tented.  The couple are in their 70s. :shaka:
Aging in place

The need for added vigilance grows as residents get older

By Michael Tsai

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Nov 20, 2011

Holbrook and Amanda DuPont knew they needed to tent their house for termites. But they were also aware of the rash of burglaries that had afflicted Manoa Valley and their own community, St. Louis Heights, in recent months, not to mention the case in which a Makiki home was burglarized while being tented.

And so the DuPonts, both in their late 70s, reconciled the dilemma in the most pragmatic way they knew how: They had the house tented but slept in their van -- fully armed -- to make sure their possessions were safe.

"We can take care of ourselves," said Holbrook DuPont. "We're not worried about these sorts of things."

That's easy for DuPont to say. He's an expert marksman with some 25 years of Air Force service under his belt. He served during the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts and, for good measure, successfully repelled three kidnapping attempts while stationed in Colombia.
Preparedness and Survival / Cyber attacks on utilities industries rise.
« on: September 29, 2011, 04:26:33 PM »


Acting DHS Deputy Undersecretary Greg Schaffer told reporters Thursday at one of several nondescript buildings that house Control System Security Program facilities that the world's utilities and industries increasingly are becoming vulnerable as they wire their industrial machinery to the Internet.

"We are connecting equipment that has never been connected before to these global networks," Schaffer said. Disgruntled employees, hackers and perhaps foreign governments "are knocking on the doors of these systems and there have been intrusions."
General Discussion / Anti-CCW opinion article in Midweek 09/14/11
« on: September 16, 2011, 07:18:34 AM »       The opinion is in the 2nd half.

Here's a snippet to whet your appetite.

Last week’s shooting at a Carson City, Nev., restaurant illustrates that bad people always manage to get guns. But would the outcome had been any better if most people in the IHOP had drawn their own guns and bullets were flying everywhere?

I don't get it.

The government orders evac of 250,000 people from NYC.  Then says they will shut down the subways by noon Saturday.  Possibly closing the bridges as well.   Emergency shelters are open but can only accomodate so many people.  I'd take my chances sheltering in place.  :shake: 
Preparedness and Survival / Know people like this?
« on: August 12, 2011, 05:15:45 AM »
This was printed in Midweek March 30, 2011.   .  Link to pic here:

Technical Support / PM outbox?
« on: July 07, 2011, 02:17:57 PM »
Did we have one?  I see my pms marked to save to outbox, but can't find the outbox.

There are 2 videos on the page.

If you follow youtube, southernprepper1 and engineer557 are in it and the 2nd vid with the self sustaining system in a pool is pretty neat. 

This came over my nixle email.  I'm not going to be able to attend. :(

Advisory Message has been issued by the Department of Emergency Management.

Thursday June 9, 2011 2:34 PM HST

Department of Emergency Management to co-sponsor Natural Hazard Community Preparedness Workshop this Saturday
Department of Emergency Management
City and County of Honolulu
June 9, 2011

Department of Emergency Management to co-sponsor Natural Hazard Community Preparedness Workshop this Saturday

June 1st marked the official start of the 2011 hurricane season. In anticipation of this and other natural hazards the City Department of Emergency Management, the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program (UH Sea Grant), and the NOAA Sea Grant Coastal Storms Program are teaming up to offer a free Oahu public workshop to assist Hawai‘i’s communities plan and prepare for natural hazards.

The half-day workshop will be held on Saturday, June 11th and cover a variety of topics including emergency guidelines, evacuation planning, tsunami and severe weather warnings, homeowner guidance and retrofit measures and flood and coastal inundation mapping.

Experts from the Department of Emergency Management, UH Sea Grant, National Weather Service, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and the Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources will be on hand to provide guidance and answer questions from the public.

In addition, many other agencies will set up educational tables to offer additional information and services to homeowners for natural hazard mitigation and preparation.

The workshop is free and open to the public and designed to better inform and prepare coastal communities throughout Hawai‘i.

What: Free Natural Hazard Community Preparedness Workshop

When: Saturday, June 11, 2011
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Mission Memorial Auditorium
550 South King St.

NOTE: Free weekend parking is available in the Fasi Municipal Building Parking lot at 1100 Alapai Street. Please do not park in reserved stalls.
Preparedness and Survival / It's Hurricane Season
« on: June 07, 2011, 08:33:12 AM »
Mother nature has been pretty wild lately.  Even though NOAA is considering this year a below average year, it doesn't mean a hurricane won't hit.    Wish you all well with your preps.


Advisory Message has been issued by the Department of Emergency Management.

Wednesday June 1, 2011 11:06 AM HST

Department of Emergency Management reminds residents to be prepared for hurricane season
Department of Emergency Management reminds residents to be prepared for hurricane season

June 1st marks the official beginning of hurricane season. Although the National Weather Service Central Pacific Hurricane Center has forecast a below normal hurricane season, residents must still remain aware and prepared.

“In 1992 Hurricane Iniki a Category 4 storm system devastated the island of Kauai”, said Melvin Kaku, director for the department of Emergency Management. “Although the full force of Iniki impacted Kauai, Oahu was not spared. We suffered flooded homes from rain and storm surge, island-wide power outages, blown off roofs and tens-of-thousands of dollars of damage to public and private infrastructure. We must be aware of the hazards hurricanes and tropical storms present and be prepared at all times during hurricane season”.

Take the time today to discuss hurricane preparedness with family friends and co-workers. The FEMA website contains disaster preparedness and planning documents as well as lists for essential emergency items in English as well as other languages.

All residents should consider developing an emergency preparedness kit containing a five to seven day supply of the following items. These items are good year round for any emergency that may affect Oahu.

Essential items to include in your emergency preparedness kit are:

Water - One gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation.

Food - Non-perishable food that does not require cooking to consume. Popular local foods such as Spam, corned beef and Vienna Sausages are handy.

Radio - Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both.

Light - Flashlight and/or a portable fluorescent light and extra batteries.

Medical Supplies - First Aid Kit, prescription medications and glasses.

Pet Supplies - Pet food, pet carrier and extra water for your pet.

Important Documents – Wills, deeds, banking information etc. stored in a watertight container.

In addition to emergency supplies everyone should have a disaster plan, an out–of-state emergency contact and be prepared by learning all you can about the disasters that could affect us here in Hawaii.
Advisory Message has been issued by the Department of Emergency Management.

Tuesday June 7, 2011 8:20 AM HST

Season’s First Tropical Depression Forms in the Eastern Pacific off the coast of Mexico
Bloomberg News
June 7, 2011

By Brian K. Sullivan and Sherry Su

Season’s First Tropical Depression Forms in the Eastern Pacific

The first tropical depression of the season formed today in the eastern Pacific off the coast of Mexico and is expected to move harmlessly out to sea as it strengthens into a hurricane later this week.

The storm is about 365 miles (587 kilometers) south of Acapulco with maximum winds of 30 mph, and is moving northwest at 3 mph, the National Hurricane Center in Miami reported.

“Gradual strengthening is forecast and the depression could become a tropical storm within the next day or so,” according to the bulletin. The storm is expected to reach hurricane strength, with winds of at least 74 mph, by June 10, according to the center’s tracking maps.

A storm gets a name when its winds reach 39 mph. Adrian is the first name on the 2011 eastern Pacific list, the center said.

In the Atlantic, the chances that a low pressure system over the northwestern Caribbean Sea will develop into a storm have fallen. The storm has a 20 percent chance of forming, down from 50 percent yesterday, according to the hurricane center.

The system was 100 miles (161 kilometers) south-southwest of Grand Cayman, the center said today in a bulletin at 8 a.m. New York time it may cause flash floods and mudslides in parts of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica.


NOTE: Although this storm system is far from the Hawaiian Islands it is a good reminder that we are now in hurricane season and should be prepared at all times in the event a destructive tropical storm or hurricane threatens.

Preparedness and Survival / Survival BOV (Bug Out Vehicle).
« on: March 09, 2011, 12:50:07 PM »
Found this on craigslist today.  Thought it might stir up some conversation.

Here's the ebay ad

Adventure / Support Vehicle For Sale:

Solar powered SURVIVOR adventure /support vehicle design is 100% off-the-grid self-contained

Provides the user with nearly every amenity found at home:

    * Pressure hot and cold water system
    * Full kitchen amenities
    * Work station arrangement
    * Hygiene amenities
    * Sleeping arrangement

100% Self-sustaining: solar and generator powered (never a need to plug in)

Vehicle is user configurable in a rough-and-tumble, standard sized, low profile design:

    * Low, unassuming profile aids good fuel economy and handling characteristics
    * Easy access to reconfigurable, lockable Thule roof-top rack system

A 100% "off the grid" vehicle:

    * Carries nearly 40 gallons of filter-purified fresh water
    * Has its own refrigeration system (refrigerator / freezer, new 2010)
    * Generates all of its own electrical power (new 2006)

Equipped to carry bicycles via its lockable Thule bike carrier (found at the rear of the vehicle)

The only vehicle of its type and class in the Hawaiian Islands; the vehicle and its equipment are in turnkey/excellent condition (much of the equipment is recent or new)


Some of the ways in which the vehicle is, and has been, used:

Support vehicle for extended period sports events (marathons, biking and motor-cross events, surfing & water sports events, etc.)

Natural disasters field operations support vehicle (this vehicle does NOT need "the grid," and with nearly 40 gallons of on-board water, ample refrigeration space for food & medicine, and a large 35 gallon fuel tank, the vehicle is completely independent of conventional supply lines; multiple communications options possible inside the rig with plenty of room for antennas and emergency gear outside)

Surf vehicle (can carry 9 or more long boards on top and more inside; full hot water shower (inside and out), fridge/freezer, bed, full kitchen and hygiene, etc., in a low profile rig that gets decent fuel economy; plenty of power to tow jet skis, inflatables, etc.; vehicle can be cost-effectively shipped interisland because of its standard size)

Multi-day, extended period outdoor events

Photography, video, film and documentary projects

Surveying, geological and archeological projects support vehicle

Weekend, overnight, or extended period fishing trips

Remote construction site projects support vehicle (can haul 12' and larger lengths)

Support vehicle for serious hukilaus, luaus, outdoor parties, and gatherings

Serious camping and hiking expeditions

Extended period hunting trips (higher elevation support)

DXpeditions and HAM field day events

Nature expeditions, extended-period bird watching trips, support vehicle

Comfortable base for multi-day spectator events

Portable "away" office

Portable communications center, etc.



User configurable for a wide range of outdoor activity uses

    * Provides all of the amenities of home in a 100% self-sufficient, self-contained package
    * On-board super quiet 2000 watt Honda generator (in its own double-blown compartment)
    * 120 watt solar panel array with MPPT controller
    * Fully automated battery maintenance system
    * Nearly 40 gallons of carbon filtered clean water
    * Full hot and cold pressure water system for kitchen, bath, indoor and outdoor showers, and vehicle washdown
    * On-board propane gas system that powers the instant hot water heater and 3000 BTU cabin heater
          o Propane system set up to power other propane appliances as well (outlets in convenient locations)
    * Work station area features a large hide-away project table with plenty of surrounding storage for gear

120 Watt Solar Panel Array (recent)

Metered MPPT Solar Power Regulation and Power Boost (recent)

Full shower: instant hot water, home pressure; part of whole-vehicle interior / exterior pressure water system (water pump recent)

New stove (comes with new fuel supply)


Comfortable sleeping options (included fold out heavy-duty vinyl bed is recent)

Attention to Security

Large pull-out work station desk (or dining table) (virtually invisible when not in use) creates instant work station area along with 3-way adjustable task chair (recent; included)

Heavy-duty, light-tight, privacy / security curtain set all the way around assures complete privacy and adds a layer of security (also cabin dividers)

Thule bike carrier system, lockable - 2 bikes

100% automated vehicle ventilation system (remote controlled) for cool interior: 100% self-tending

Norcold marine grade refrigerator / freezer runs off vehicle batteries or on 110 power (recent upgrade)

Custom C.R. Lawrence opening windows all the way around, each fitted with a custom security / rain protection (can be left open 24/7)

Epoxy water tanks provide nearly 40 gallons of potable water (entire water system carbon filtered for pure water)

Two (2) marine heavy duty deep cycle batteries (new late 2010)

Completely automatic electronic battery charging system: smart system 'knows' when to combine and separate batteries during charge cycles

Complete safety package comes with the vehicle, for all vehicle emergencies

Adaptable / convertable for many different tasks, support assignments, and practical needs including carrying bulky sports and other equipment

Waterproof epoxy saturate technology throughout

Shows, runs and drives in excellent condition

    * Odometer high milage vehicle that has been maticulously maintained throughout its life
    * A professional mechanical and cosmetic maintenance regimen has left the vehicle, and its equipment, in excellent condition
    * Built around a custom suspended 1996 model Dodge Ram 2500 3/4 ton design

The vehicle is turnkey and drives and shows in excellent condition.

All manuals for all appliances and installed equipment

    * Vehicle service manual included
    * Manuals for every appliance and every installed item


    * Dodge (Ram) 5.2 liter, 318 8-cylinder engine (professionally maintained)
    * Recent new rebuilt transmission
    * Recent MS/AT Rated tires
    * Front disc brakes with ABS
    * Custom-suspended 2500 Dodge Chassis


    * Outdoor Shower and Hose-Down Station (recent pump)
    * Unique only to SURVIVOR: multiple water fill options, including a pump system to fill your tanks directly from a stream or river.
    * HONDA eu2000i internally mounted (in double blown compartment) with only 10 hours (no need to remove gen from compartment in order to run)
    * Custom C.R. Laurence opening windows with rain and security guards (windows can be left open 24/7)
    * Internal Fresh Water Fill (security and water saving) along with SURVIVOR's unique multiple option fill technology
    * 110V Electric Receptacles
    * 12V Electric Receptacles
    * 2- Deep Cycle Batteries (New end of 2010)


    * 6600R/417 top of the line remote controlled, self tending ventilation system from Fan-tastic Vents (can replace all of the air within the vehicle in less than 21 seconds; new 2010)
    * LP gas access for the included cabin heater and also one for the optional propane two burner stove area
    * Fire Extinguisher (5#) (Part of the safety package)
    * Automated electronic battery charge maintenance system
    * Large, hide-away work station table
    * Sleeping area: 44 " x 81 "
    * Hardrock Natural Maple Cabinet doors / Fijian Hardwood (Rosawa) and Phillipine Mahogany throughout
    * Stainless Steel Sink, hot and cold pressure water
    * 2 way automatic fridge/freezer- marine grade Norcold
    * New Stove
    * Full hot and cold pressure Shower (shower usable inside and outside the vehicle), simple, sanatary toilet
    * Rubber wheeled 3-way adjustable task chair (epoxy saturate floor easily accommodates heavy wear)
    * Hide-away Dining/Workstation Table
    * Heavy duty, light-tight, privacy curtains throughout, including cabin divider
    * Tinted, custom C.R. Laurance opening windows (side and back) with security / rain protection (can leave open 24/7)
    * 3000 BTU cabin heater
    * Microwave oven
    * Unique interior lighting system including flourescents, quartz halogen, and standard incondescent lighting, all low power
    * Automatic battery charge activated when generator is on


    * Updated Seating
    * Recent new rebuilt automatic 5 speed transmission
    * AM/FM Radio (updated 2002; iPods and MP3 players can plug into this)
    * "Wood" Trim Dash and wheel design with newly updated dash surface
    * Driver's side Airbag
    * 12 V power source in cockpit
    * Newly updated custom-manufactured cockpit rugs


    * Safety: Seatbelts and Airbag, as well as emergency safety kit: 5# fire extinguisher, emergency stand-alone flood light, up-dated emergency tire changing equipment, emergency jumper cable kit
    * Fuel - 35 gallon tank
    * LP gas - 8 gallons in heavy duty Manchester tank
    * Water Heater: on-demand, unlimited hot water heater (LP) at full pressure
    * Fresh Water - approximately 38 gallons in epoxy tanks (filtered)
    * Solar power: peak 120 watts with Blue Sky MPPT controller (recent)
    * Generator: 2000 watts continuous power (recent upgrade)
    * Batteries: 2 nearly-new heavy duty marine deep cycle (late 2010)
Preparedness and Survival / Solar Flare coming our way. 2/17/11
« on: February 17, 2011, 04:57:00 AM »
Sun has got some activity going on.  Prepare for probable communication, power outages.  They say even GPS might get affected.
Technical Support / Logged off even when signed in "Forever"
« on: February 13, 2011, 05:35:13 AM »
Anybody else getting logged off or timed out even if signed in "Forever"?  Seemed to start on Thursday/Friday.
General Discussion / Best place to buy flags locally?
« on: January 01, 2011, 08:00:04 PM »
Looking to buy a Gadsden (aka "Don't Tread on Me") flag and a high quality US flag. 

Preparedness and Survival / Vacuum Sealers
« on: October 07, 2010, 03:08:23 PM »
Hi all,

My next purchase will be a vacuum sealer.  I am leaning towards the FoodSaver V3460.  Any reviews on any of the vacuum sealers?

Off Topic / No more FH gun forum?
« on: September 13, 2010, 12:50:42 PM »
Was going to take a look around but found nothing.  No forum and no classifieds.  Hopefully this gets more traffic.
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