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Off Topic / Re: am I the only one enjoying this?
« on: Today at 12:22:47 PM »
Situations like this also brings out the more “basic” nature of people. Seeing what companies and people are doing in times like this tells me a lot about them. Are they being generous and helping out those in need? Are they being selfish and just looking for opportunity to take advantage. I mean all are sort of human nature, but some are being pretty obvious about it.
Off Topic / Re: Knives - What Are Your Preferences?
« on: March 27, 2020, 12:53:49 PM »

Came in today.  This was on my interest list from when it was released, so when I saw the price drop I couldn't resist. 

First impressions is that lower price range was the goal for this one.  Good steel (CPM-20CV), but the grip and liner locks aren't as stout as my other ZTs.  I don't have any doubts on durability, but just quite like previous ZT offerings.  Which is fine, especially given the price this line is offered at. 
Political Discussion / Re: Time to Scale Back US Military Spending
« on: March 27, 2020, 12:33:32 PM »
Gaslighting by way of force fitting “facts” into a narrow view without any direct knowledge of many of the “W’s”.
Off Topic / Re: am I the only one enjoying this?
« on: March 27, 2020, 11:18:46 AM »
Now there's "liquor commission approved" mixed drinks for pickup. 

Last week, I picked up food from a sports bar that I would frequent.  I know the manager really well and she often does lots of the food prep/ideas.  Anyways, I always joke that they should have delivery, or at least pick up.  First the pickup or delivery was offered like many places.  Then bottle beer and even bottles of hard liquor available for pickup.   :o  The prices on the liquor aren't that bad either.  I have a decent stock of that at home as well, but definitely something that I see a lot of folks jumping on.

Then there are folks that always want to push things.  I was out getting exercise last night and I saw some folks at a bar having beers!  This was on the corner of a couple of busy streets and the bar has windows ALL around.  Guess they are gonna try the "better to ask forgiveness than permission" route. . .
Off Topic / Re: am I the only one enjoying this?
« on: March 27, 2020, 11:07:17 AM »
   Don't know exactly where to post this other than starting another thread so I'll stick it in here.
Thanks DRK for somewhat of a prep for my rant.  :wave:

What's the deal with all this suffering during lockdown ? It's not even been a week.
   I've just recovered from an foot injury where I've been on a "lockdown" as I could not walk  for almost a month and did not get cabin fever, commit homicide, contemplate suicide or suffer any psychological damage (that I know of  :crazy:).
It's often like that for those who are  :crazy:  :rofl:

There will definitely be genuine suffering.  But I would agree that at least some (if not quite a bit) of it is self imposed and from perspective from folks who are spoiled.  I've been seeing some stuff about how their kids are driving some of my friends crazy being at home.  I mean much of it is in jest, but some of it is seriously "WTF did you think?" 
Off Topic / Re: am I the only one enjoying this?
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:53:50 AM »
I am not enjoying this, but find it interesting to see how people are reacting.  When SHTF, it will get even worst.  But that's what the 2a is for right?

My wife and I are still working, so we are part of the lucky group.  Many friends are out of jobs or will be very soon.  I know many live pay check to paycheck.  A few own businesses and for the first time,they can't pay their rent. 

It is nice to have no traffic, but for the better good of man, I would rather have traffic and people have their jobs/businesses.
Similar for me.  While I am enjoying the convenience of working from home, I'd much rather be in the office and have the option of working from home.  While I do have the option to work from home, there are many things that I prefer about being in the office.  My job is such that I could sustain this for a while and seems like it is even expected from my employer. 

I have friends that aren't so lucky and are struggling.  All of my close friends have jobs that can be sustained in the current situation, but I know many who own restaurants, service industry, etc that if they aren't out of a job now, they soon will be.  I am trying to get takeout from places that I used to frequent or friends owned/managed, but I don't see that as being sustainable for very long. 

I also find it interesting, even if it's mostly :facepalm: at how people are reacting.  And by that I generally mean those not generally well prepared to take care of themselves in contingency type situations.  I mean not quite like this, but being generally prepared.  I get that many folks may not be able to afford having food and supplies for weeks.  I do have many friends that wondered why I have this or that and now they are understanding why.  That's both in terms of preps in many regards and firearms is definitely one of them. 

Regarding how people are reacting and the panic, it's only going to get worse. . .
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a set of AK74 Go or No go gauges
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:42:53 AM »
Im no expert and there are people who would frown on me for saying this, but in regards to com-bloc headspacing its my OPINION that you can get away with using scotch blue masking tape on a live round. Step 1 take out your firing pin (a safety measure to avoid ND) step 2 take a live round and use the case rim as a stencil to cut out a piece of tape(one piece of tape usually =.004 +,- .0008 if you have a mic you can double check) keep adding a piece of tape until the bolt wont close with reasonable force.
I'm also by no means an expert with AKs, but the about is close to what my understanding is. 

Mostly what I've been told for AK maintenance and tweaks varies from "just shoot it" to "what is headspace".  ;D
You were the one making inferences that the monarchial form of government does not represent freedom and only constitutional democratic-republic forms of government does not represent oppression.

In many instances, both Great Britain and the Kingdom of Hawaii had tremendous amounts of freedom compared to the US during the same time period.

Both GB and Hawaii did not have the institution of slavery and Hawaii had more egalitarian rights for all of its minorities early on where the US only achieved that after the Civil Rights movements in the 1960s.
Timeframe for context?  I'm no expert historian, but if the context is "both Great Britain and the Kingdom of Hawaii had tremendous amounts of freedom compared to the US during the same time period". . .
General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on Gun Panic Buying?
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:59:06 AM »
Who is this Corona Virus? The best gun salesman since Obama?
Best salesmen of just about everything.  There are some items that I'm seeing low or out of stock that I wouldn't think people would stock up on, ever. 

General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on Gun Panic Buying?
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:53:39 AM »
Sweet, that means there’ll be a lot of cheap guns once this thing blows over.  ;D
Got me thinking of all of the guns that I saw on the LGS' shelved maybe 2-3 weeks ago.  I've been wanting a Glock 21 for a while :hmm:

It will be interesting on how things will be once this stuff blows over.  It seems to be that new guy buyers tend to overestimate the value of their guns and other gear.  But I could see those who are hurting $$$-wise and will just want cash ASAP. 
General Discussion / Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland?
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:33:52 AM »
I haven't had any issues with the steel cased ammo.

I didn't test the wolf ammo yet, but these are the velocity numbers i got from a 14.5" Faxon gunner match series barrel, 223 Wylde, shooting Red Army Standard:

The 16" barreled upper has had at least 6,000 rounds through it at the time of testing.  I'm not sure if this makes a difference at all.

I was using a Caldwell chronograph set up at 10 feet from muzzle at Koko Head.  As you can see, the RAS isn't really "under powered" as much as a lot of people claim.  Velocity numbers are still decently close to m193 out of a 16" barrel
No experience with .223 Rem RAS ammo, but Tula 55 gr is advertised at 3241 fps.  I've shot a bunch of both 55 gr and 62 gr and they seem to be pretty weak ammo.  Or at least they didn't function well in my mid-length gas guns.  That was way back when I had heavier springs and buffers, which I have gone away from.  Didn't try Tula in carbine gas guns that I owned, at least at that time. 

In recent experience, I have some Rem UMC .223 bulk packs that seemed to be underpowered.  Not quite as bad as Tula, but did have some issues with at least one mid-length gas gun.  Shot the same ammo in a few carbine gas guns and no problems.  Interestingly, I've heard many folks say the same for PMC Bronze, but that ammo has been (or at least when I had more of it) awesome for classes and training. 
General Discussion / Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland?
« on: March 25, 2020, 02:03:38 PM »
Wolf Gold is good to go!
You want?  Trade for TP?   ;)  :P

General Discussion / Re: Honolulu PD permit/reg. by appointment only
« on: March 25, 2020, 01:05:45 PM »
My long gun permit expires in a little over a week.  I had planned on buying something before then, but didn't happen.  Oh wells. . . I can wait. . .  :(
Off Topic / Re: Coronavirus from China
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:49:30 AM »
Then there's the report of a family member of Hawaii Kai Costco testing positive, then later retraction.  I don't shop there, but know many who do.  While I think the risk would still be low, but that news is causing more panic. . .
General Discussion / Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland?
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:47:10 AM »
I've shot both gold and steel.  Both worked fine.  The only I had with the steel was that it's super dirty.  Shooting 30rds steel is like shooting 500rds brass in level of dirtyness.  I'm also the kind of guy who cleans his rifle after every range day.  So having to use extra elbow grease sucked.  I don't mind paying more for brass now.

I wold be cautious of Tula steel.  I haven't shot it, but there are enough reviews online of the primer end being ripped off by the extractor and the rest of the steel being stuck in the chamber end.
I've shot quite a bit of Wolf steel.  Some issues with shooting with mid-length guns that are on the under-gassed side, but no problems with carbine length guns.  Same for Tula.  Read similar feedback on the Tula, but my personal experience is that as long as you clean your chamber before going back to brass and that you have a gun that isn't on the under-gassed side.  I generally avoid Tula these days, but I would if it was cheap and I was running low on brass. 
General Discussion / Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland?
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:20:56 AM »
thank you for bringing in ammo for the 2A community!  :shaka:

I would rather buy the Federal AE, than the wolf gold with those increases. I can see people buying 22LR at that price, not too bad.
I hope it gets better soon
I picked up a case of Wolf Gold a few months back when a local vendor had it in their order by mistake, so I picked it up for a good price.  Haven't shot any of it yet, but I've heard that it is decent.  My expectation is ammo that functions well, not low-moa.  At least not for Wolf.   ;D
General Discussion / Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland?
« on: March 25, 2020, 08:11:01 AM »
Starting to see 223 and 22LR come back in stock, but the cases are much higher now. For example, 223 Wolf Gold is about $120 a case increase and Federal AE 22LR is about $40 increase. With these increases, we’re unsure if the cases would still be “reasonably” priced in Hawaii to bring in at this time. The Wolf Gold would be about 42-43cpr range and the 22lr would be in the $27 a brick range. We’re leaning towards no on the 223 wolf gold, but wanted to put it out here to get a better idea (ie: would you still buy at that price if the alternative is nothing else available). It’s a really unfortunate increase but supply/demand we suppose.
Good to see stock coming back in.

I would bet that people would be willing to pay premium if you’d be able to procure.

I don’t think I’d pay a premium now in Wolf Gold. But that desire would probably change if the local stock doesn’t return.

Thank you for what you do for us!  :thumbsup:
Off Topic / Re: Alternative Activities?
« on: March 24, 2020, 03:17:38 PM »
If you notice the Red Cross on the crate, these are for "Health and Safety" use so not really for sale....  but who knows if the shit really starts hitting the fan...  maybe a case of TP,  two snickers, and some  limes might buy a stick or two.. :rofl:
I just saw "High Explosives" and "Dangerous"  ;D  :o  8)

General Discussion / Re: range closed
« on: March 24, 2020, 03:16:47 PM »
Meant to tag you for the above post
Hunting "tag"?  ???  :o

EEFishing "tag"?  ;)


Off Topic / Re: Alternative Activities?
« on: March 24, 2020, 01:06:49 PM »
Working on one of the project I've been scheming.

SASS cart

Folding/portable/modular/as light weight as I can make it with common materials.

How much for some dy-no-mite?   ;D
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