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Firearms and Accessories / Re: New AR Pistol barrel w/o ports
« Last post by changemyoil66 on Today at 08:50:54 PM »
The restriction isn't dependent on whether one has the pistol to take the magazine though. I can't buy a 33 round glock magazine and claim its only for my rifle that takes glock mags.

If I ever get around to it I am thinking about building an AR pistol and it would take mags so gotta be aware there.
Acrually, YOU can buy an extendo clip and even say its for a toaster oven. Certain people are allowed more freedom than others...

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Off Topic / Re: Funny pics & videos thread
« Last post by astroboy on Today at 07:14:55 PM »
the dog is right

Hunting / Re: 308 based calibers (243, 7mm-08)
« Last post by dv808 on Today at 06:38:55 PM »
The Grendel is not 308-based.   The Creedmoor is...

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Off Topic / Re: “3,300 gallons of human waste in the past year ALONE”
« Last post by Rocky on Today at 06:18:02 PM »
Transplant all of the homeless to the area designated for antifa.   :thumbsup:
General Discussion / Re: AK47 Project
« Last post by Rocky on Today at 06:09:54 PM »
That was an awesome time!

Yeah, the guns get super hot. And that’s WITH gloves. Trying these heat protecting gloves.

And yeah, you should get an AK. If nothing more than familiarity of them. Ammo is cheap. Readily available. I hear ya about consolidating calibers tho.
So AK would be a good first firearm for me to buy ?  :D
Off Topic / Re: windows replacement for house
« Last post by ren on Today at 05:56:15 PM »
Hunting / Re: 308 based calibers (243, 7mm-08)
« Last post by Jmoto808 on Today at 05:31:43 PM »
Yo Tim, I think I may have interacted with you or one of your friends in the past with some gun stuff sales. Ill try to help answer most of your questions above with the limited experiences I have.

1. Are you set on using an AR platform? I strongly advise not using an AR for hunting, unless its just for pig control or unless hunting from like a blind you can walk to. But if traversing through terrain and trying to stalk animals, a bolt gun is far superior with regards of ease of use in compromised positions, safety, and simplicity in the mechanism itself (less things to go wrong). Also a bolt gun is a lot more streamlined to carry in a scabbard or hunting pack. 

2. If you are concerned with swapping out barrels, go to snipers hide or longrangehunting forums, or PM me. swapping barrels on "certain" bolt guns have become 10x easier than swapping barrels on an AR platform. Just to give a quick snippet, if you went with a Tikka, remington 700, savage, or custom action, they can all have barrels that can be ordered and swapped w/ a headspace gauge and nut within 15 minutes. Custom actions can be swapped without having a barrel nut at all, its as simple as screwing in a lightbulb, no joke.

3. As far as calibers go, that is going to be a difficult one for you to decide. If you are 100% sure you don't want to reload, just stick with 308 and practice practice practice (this goes for any gun btw). Just because its a hunting gun doesn't mean you only shoot it 1x a year to "sight in" that is the worst mentality to have. Your hunting gun should be one of your most proficient guns and you should be comfortable behind it in various positions. We all owe it to the animal to make clean and ethical shots. But if you think you are going to reload, 6.5 creed can be great because at least it has some factory offerings. 7mm-08 is a great round but has many shortcomings, one being the very limited factory ammo and the fact that it can't push 7mm bullets fast enough to keep up with most 6.5 cartridges. As far as reloading supplies go, you can easily find 6.5 creed, 260 rem, 243, 6.5x47, 7mm-08 brass supplies on a plethora of sites online.

4. If you are purely reloading (or decide to). I would say forget the AR, reloading for a bolt gun will make your life much easier. And then stick with a common round like 6.5 creed or 260 rem. That way you can find a recipe on various forums that is within 1 grain of an acceptable load and load workup will probably take like 30 rounds max. Also, reloaded ammo is by far cheaper for the same quality of great match ammo, and you might not even find a match ammo or hunting ammo factory load that your gun likes.

5. As far as shooting distances, I honestly would say you should keep shots <250 yards, unless hunting bigger game. If you do plan on shooting at 400 yards, at minimum you should see if you can shoot over someones chronograph to gather velocity data and create a DOPE chart (via ballistic app online) or drop chart and windage chart so that you can make a clean shot. I hear a lot of local guys talking about how they take shots at animals at 400+ yards when hunting, but yet they can't tell you the velocity of their rounds or are using a BDC type reticle to make various "holdovers" based on what the box of ammo in front of them says or their scopes manual. The way I see it, if your gun shoots at best 1moa at Kokohead on a bench or prone, in a hunting situation you are probably a 1.5-2moa shooter. If we take a shot at 400 yards, that means at best we have ~8 inch variation. Take in consideration wind, adrenaline, unstable platforms, other factors, and that can lead to a gut shot or low shoulder shot, or skim shot. I don't know about anyone else but that is the worst feeling on earth, ya you might recover the animal, but not something to be proud of for sure. As far as stopping power, you willl not seee much difference between the above cartridges within 600 yards. But yes you are right, the 6.5 or 7mm bullets will outshine the 308 in margin of error for wind.

6. Sorry for the long post. Hope that helps answer your questions. Feel free to see what others have to say as well. I am by far no means an expert at anything, just sharing my experience between myself and brother shooting bolt guns to hunt goats and practice shooting 600-800 yards. My brother shoots a 6.5x47 lapua this year and I'm shooting a 260AI. Just to give you perspective, we were holding 1.2 mils at 820 for windage and 6.9 mils for elevation.
Political Discussion / Re: Trump
« Last post by changemyoil66 on Today at 03:49:39 PM »
The GOP had yet another record-breaking fundraising month, nearly triple what the Democrats raised.  Donations were larger in August 2019 than any other year the same month.

Democrats have been spending on credit, while the Republicans are sitting on a mountain of cash.  Part of that money is being used to develop the largest database ever for campaign support across the nation.

Wonder if "someones" gonna bail them out again...

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Political Discussion / Re: DOJ WH background check memo
« Last post by Heavies on Today at 01:48:47 PM »
Based on the (horrible) wording of the memo, checks would only apply to "advertised commercial sales, including sales at gun shows". 

Word-of-mouth (person-to-person) is not advertising.  Advertising involves seeking out buyers through indiscriminate dissemination of information.  What you're talking about here is person-to-person solicitation, which isn't advertising.

As long as the buyer didn't find out about the gun from an advertisement, it sounds like you can still do a private sale to anyone without a check as long as you have no reason to suspect they are prohibited (underage, out-of-state, felon, etc).

If this passes, I can see a need to start a "Show & NoTell" thread on here to replace the classifieds.   :geekdanc:

Moot point here in Hawaii, we already have UBC and registration.

Glad it works so well that no multiple felons can't have guns and hold entire neighborhoods hostage....
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