The 2016 National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry Ohio (Read 1697 times)


The 2016 National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry Ohio
« on: July 21, 2016, 07:15:41 PM »
I just returned from the 2016 National Pistol Matches last night. I didn't win any bling this time around, but it was another learning experience to add to the long list of lessons.

MSG Rob Mango won the President's Pistol Match and the Aggregate Service Pistol. He came in 2nd place for the National Trophy Individual Match by tie breaking procedures. The rifle shooting starts this weekend. He dominated the inter-service matches last month. Scores are posted online here

The weather was good this year. No ankle deep mud that we normally had in the past.

Only a handful of Hawaii shooters attend the National Matches. Minus the sponsored shooters, there were only 3 Pistol I counted. There may only be one Rifle shooter next week.

Slim pickings at the CMP North store. Only M1C/D models, special grade, and M1/M1903 drill rifles were available. The only good shooter deal was the refurbished Avanti sporter air rifles at $100. I picked up one to donate to my local high school team.


Re: The 2016 National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry Ohio
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Dang it, I should've asked you to pickup an air rifle for me.
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