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.308win hunting ammo.
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Does anyone have any reviews on factory .308 hunting ammo that shoots MOA or less @100 yards.  I know the rifle & shooter makes all the difference in the world but I want to try different ammo that to find what will work well with me and my rifle.  The POA at the bottom right showed a significant difference when shooting a Ted Nugent and Hornady SF SST than the Hornady AW ammo I used to sight-in with and to hunt with.  Comments & Suggestion always appreciated. TIA.


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Aloha Gunner,

I don't shoot factory for any centerfire rifle as l reload. But with that being said you need to decide what weight bullets you want to shoot.  I see 150 gr and 165 gr on your target. Once you make that decision then you need to begin picking ammo you like or would like to try.

Theres a lot a variety and variables so to say this or that is the best or better one. Isn't always the case when it comes to shooting. You need to find what your rifle likes best. Unless you have a brand of bullet you want to shoot etc then you can narrow the field. 

Feel free to lmk if you got questions bro!



Re: .308win hunting ammo.
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Hornady #30452...sst 165 gr...41.5 gr of 4064...5 shot group...100yds...wish we could shoot farther.
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