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Eotech Vudu
« on: October 28, 2018, 12:38:17 PM »
I picked up the Vudu 1-6x for my Scar 17s after watching a few reviews on it.  The glass has great edge to edge clarity and a very generous eye relief that makes shooting in awkward positions easier.  It's a First Focal Plane optic with 3 different types of reticles, the one I picked up is the SR2 reticle with a .308 bdc.  In addition to the clarity and eye relief, I liked that they included a lever so you didn't have to buy an after market one.  This one just screws into the adjustment cylinder which save you the trouble of having to repeatedly crank it to get it to the magnification you want.  The Vudu runs off a Cr2032 battery and the buttons to turn the illumination up and down are very simple, the reticle blinks to let you know you've at the maximum.  I have to say the illumination is not equal to a fiber optic in direct sunlight.  It's definitely more of a dull maroon color, which ended up not being a problem since I just shut the illumination off.  Even with the illumination turned off, the black reticle is very easy to see and use in bright daylight.  The Vudu does have a Zero ability - you just unscrew the tops of the turrets off, pull up until it disengages, and you just turn the turret around until the 0 lines up with the line and you're done.  So if you have to change your dope in the field and don't want to Kentucky windage it, you can.  Besides the illumination the only other critique I have is that the level is in a bad position when you crank it to 6x - it will block your view of any 1 o'clock offset red dots or optics you may be running.  I'd recommend to Eotech to move the lever closer to the 3x or betweent he 3x and 4x markings.

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