Battle of Midway Commemorative (June 2018) (Read 919 times)


Battle of Midway Commemorative (June 2018)
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The Battle of Midway Commemorative 76th Anniversary Event was held on June 2, 2018, at the Barbers Point Stables on the Ewa Field World War II Revetment District, hosted by the Barbers Point Riding Club and sponsored by the American Veterans Hawaii ( The event program theme, “Honor The Service,” included guest speakers: Senator Gabbard (Hawaii District 20), Daniel Martinez (Chief Historian for the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument), Benjamin Resnick (historical archaeologist), Colonel Gregory Gadson (US Army, Ret.), and John Bond (Ewa Battlefield Historian & AmVets Hawaii Director).
The U.S.M.C. Band and the Mililani High School Choir
were also in attendance]

The Hawaii Military Vehicle Preservation Association (HMVPA) provided a WWII jeep towing a .50 cal. Quad wheeled gun mount, a 1942 WC54 Dodge Ambulance, a 1944 LVT-4 “Buffalo” tracked landing craft, a 1944 WC51 3/4-ton truck, a M2 .50 cal. mounted on an anti-aircraft tripod ground mount, and two WWII style military bicycles from John..

The Hawaii Historic Arms Association presented a two-table WWII military display. Featured weapons were a 1903 Springfield rifle,
 a 1917 Enfield rifle, an M1 Garand rifle, and a 1897 Winchester Trench shotgun. There were two sets of uniforms on mannequins: A US Navy aviator and an early US Army tropical khaki with field gear circa 1941. An assortment of bayonets, knives, and machetes pertinent to the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII
were also displayed.
A big Mahalo to JEFF as the head honcho who coordinated this joint presentation by HMVPA and HHAA. Many thanks to the 16 individuals from both clubs who donated their Saturday to participate and support the 76th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway in 1942. Dressed as living history impressions: TONY S., LAUGHLIN T, KAILA, ALEX, JEFF, PAUL , ANTHONY N., COLE, and JOHN. Logistic support was provided by SHELDON (HHAA display), WAYSON, PHIL (Chief Grill Master), STEPHEN, MIKE, FAYE (Baked Bean Chef) and CYRUS (photography). JOHN, TONY S., and ANTHONY N. provided additional pictures for the Club album.
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