Video on how to argue to change other's minds (Read 286 times)


Video on how to argue to change other's minds
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:59:53 PM »
I really like the videos this guy produces, I have posted a few here before. The maker really focuses strictly on the logical accuracy of an argument and leaves politics etc out of it.
He points out that you can't really change someone's mind but you can debate in a way that helps keep the persons mind open and therefore allows them to change their mind.

I notice that a lot of the pro 2nd amendment arguments are structured and presented not to change minds but to confirm our pro 2A position. Often we are just preaching to the choir. I think because of the way we present our arguments the minds of our opponents become guarded or closed instead of open. In the video he covers methods of arguing which I think we would be wise to try to make progress in arguments instead of it just becoming a dug in trench war. I think if we can adopt this debate style we would do a lot more to help the gun rights cause.

Watch and comment if you like!


Re: Video on how to argue to change other's minds
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The channel put out another video on the same subject but from a different angle.
Here is the link in case you liked the first video. I might see if I can go rent this movie.