KMS Squared Press Lighting Kit (Read 412 times)


KMS Squared Press Lighting Kit
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:16:33 PM »
Just installed the KMS UFO 550 light kit on my RL550. Cost me $29.99 Direct from KMS with free shipping! Ordered on 1/31 and it arrived yesterday. Although KMS states it can be mounted without unmounting the press I opted to unmourned it and installation was a breeze. Directions were simple, nice quality parts and clear directions. Took me about 45 minutes to finish everything, remount the press and tidy things up. Was pleasantly surprised how well it lit up the press from all angles. KMS makes light kits for most brands of presses as well. Here is the link:

I’ve provided some pictures of the completed project. My apologies though, I failed photography 101!  ;)
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Re: KMS Squared Press Lighting Kit
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Best investment I've made for the press. I now load with the room lights off to save electricity. Looking directly at the LEDs is a horrible thing to do lol.