Black Powder Revolvers on Oahu (Read 402 times)


Black Powder Revolvers on Oahu
« on: April 07, 2019, 10:30:34 PM »
Do any of the LGS on Oahu regularly stock or carry black powder revolvers?  I’m thinking about buying one, but all my research seems to point to going down and physically handling them.  This is due to the differences between Uberti and Pietta.  Also fit finish even from one gun to the next by the same manufacturer seems to vary.  I went to a SASH shoot a few years ago and got to shoot one there, but at the time I wasn’t really thinking about getting one.


Re: Black Powder Revolvers on Oahu
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I’ve only seen them on consignment and that’s a rarity. I’ve had luck with Cabela’s (Pietta 1858s), from what I’ve read the QC issues were from years ago and they’re pretty much god to go now. I hear the Ubertis are better in fit & finish, but I didn’t feel slighted by the Piettas I’ve bought and I do see they’re much better now than the older ones from fifteen years back. For example, the two recent ones will exchange part several with a few issues (trigger guards fit but had small gaps, cylinders were fine), whereas the older one wouldn’t interchange and there were machining marks. Craigslist occasionally has them too.


Re: Black Powder Revolvers on Oahu
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Returned two Pietta 1851 Navys in a row to Cabelas.   One had a large barrel cylinder gap and one wouldn't lock on one cylinder notch.  Ended up with two other Piettas which were okay.  Later got two Uberti 1858s from Brownells.    Track of the Wolf will take a return on their used guns.  Have bought rifles and kits from Dixie.  Wanted to return a kit but decided to make do. 

I don't expect  Italian BP guns to be consistently good like Ruger, SW, Colt and etc.  I'll buy new, build a kit or buy from a trusted friend and take my chances.


Re: Black Powder Revolvers on Oahu
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Thanks for your guys advice.  I’ll be on the look out for an Uberti.  I also decided I’m going to look for a Ruger Old Army.  The ROA seems like a good shooter since I’m not looking for an authentic type replica.