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I don't know if she was the first killed, or the last, or where in between... but she may have had a chance to save herself and/or others had she chosen to break the rules... but she didn't... so they're all dead. Chalk them all up to another "gun-free zone"!

I hope we'll be getting more details on her suspicions and fears about the individual, since all other reports seem to indicate no one suspected anything was amiss... i.e. ERPOs would not have played a role.

Lawyer: Gun-Free Policy Kept Virginia Beach Victim Unarmed on Day of Attack

A lawyer for the family of Virginia Beach victim Kate Nixon says she wanted to bring a gun to work for self-defense on the very day of the shooting but did not because of the gun-free policy.
Breitbart News reported that the building in which the May 31, Virginia Beach attack occurred had a gun-free policy for city employees. So when the gunman opened fire on fellow employees–11 of his 12 victims were city employees–they could not shoot back.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that one of those victims, Nixon, had expressed concern over the gunman and talked to her husband about carrying a gun to work for self-defense. She allegedly talked to her husband on the night of May 30, discussing the option of carrying the gun on May 31, the day on which the deadly attack occurred.

The family’s attorney, Kevin Martingayle, indicated that Nixon was simply going to hide a pistol in her “handbag” so she would be prepared if something happened. She ultimately decided not to “because of a city policy that prevents employees from bringing weapons to work.”

Nixon was killed on May 31, when the gunman opened fire on unarmed city employees with two handguns.

Old story, new names. 

Anti-gunners will never get what they want -- a complete and total public gun ban.  Yet, they will never concede that any other level of gun control has failed every time it's been tried in the US.

The ironic thing about this video is who's on stage -- none other than Crying Chuck Schumer.

Wars never determine who is right.  They determine who is left.


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what a smug look on Schumer face