Ferro Concepts Slingster VS Haley Strategic D3 (Read 1222 times)


Ferro Concepts Slingster VS Haley Strategic D3
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Ferro Concepts Slingster
Price: $48.25 (SKD Tac)
Type of Sling: Two point; open connectors
Features: 1" webbing with shoulder pad; spring loaded cam buckle

** while the Slingster is cheaper at the base, you have to add in the cost of your desired connectors as well, which can easily be another $20.

Haley Strategic D3
Price: $89.00
Type of Sling: Two Point; O and D Ring QDs
Features: 1" webbing with shoulder pad; Tri-glide adapter; sewn adjustment loop

After spending more time on my SCAR I began to really notice the shortcomings of my old single point sling so I started looking into a replacement.  Off the bat I knew it would have to change my set up and go back to a two point sling with a pad since the SCAR was heavier than any of my previous ARs.  As you all know there are tons of two point padded rifle slings on the market so I had to narrow down the field by prioritizing my needs.  In addition to it being a 2 point padded sling, it would have to be easy to adjust.  Simple, swift and easy to change it from slack to tight to support a precision shot would be paramount.  Also, I didn't want the sling to have any kind of unusual/unique connectors like paracord or wire loops that might make it a pain in the ass.  Also, if it could convert to a single point without a lot of hassle, that would be great since I prefer to run my sling attached to the end plate on the lower receiver to the part of the hand guard that is closest to the upper receiver.  I like my gear simple, straight forward, and uncomplicated.  This narrowed my field down to two slings, so I picked up both and have been trying both the D3 and Slingster out on the range and at home doing manipulation drills for the past few months.  In the end I settled on the Ferro Concepts Slingster - sort of.  I took the feature I liked best about the Haley and put it on the Slingster.

What I liked best about the Haley was that you could convert it from it's base 2 point configuration to a true single point by disconnecting the front QD and putting it in the Tri-glide socket.  So I sourced the Tri-glide connector on my own and added it to the Slingster.  I didn't go with the D3 is because it wasn't as easy to tighten as the Slingster.  The webbing adjustment loop is sewn and occasionally I couldn't get it tight after making it slack because I wasn't pulling it at the right angle and would end up jerking my rifle to the left.  I don't have the same problem with the spring loaded cam buckle on the Slingster.  I can adjust that looser to tighter with just my thumb, but I still like the Haley Tri-glide.  In the end I found the Tri-glide by itself and paid the $19 plus USPS postage to get it shipped.

In the end both slings ended up costing the same, but I'm much happier using the Slingster.
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