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Honolulu Rifles
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Hello all, first post.

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but here it goes...

Does anyone know what the Honolulu Rifles used as their standard rifle circa 1880s and 90s?  Or was it whatever personal arm you could get?

Also, what was the standard issue rifle of the kingdom of Hawaii also around that time?

In my searching, I could never find the model. Even found a TO&E for the army under King Kalakaua at Hamilton Library but it just mentioned "rifles"

Would appreciate any help in this matter.


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Around the 1890's possibly the Krag.
not positive though. Hawaii may have been using an older weapon.
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Look through the newspaper archive. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/pages/results/?state=Hawaii&date1=1789&date2=1963&proxtext=%22Honolulu+rifles%22&x=12&y=13&dateFilterType=yearRange&rows=20&searchType=basic

Also Aaron Pollock is the historian, I believe he bought one of their rifles a few years ago.  Or try Hawaii Historic Arms Assoc.v
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Could try calling the palace museum and see if they know.


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Someone in the black powder group was telling me about a documentary someone filmed behind the berm. They set up an era rifle for filming. When it went off, the film crew fell backwards from the shot. Anyone know the documentary?
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Re: Honolulu Rifles
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Just giving a bump for the obscure shit people ask, I love that...