September HDF range day is SHOTGUN- 9/28/19 (gun show weekend) (Read 923 times)


advance signup so that people can assemble gear/ammo and make plans for gun show weekend

RSVP by EMAIL ONLY starting at 8am Saturday 8/17/19<--

space is EXTREMELY limited so that we can maximize learning

no RSVP is necessary for the open shoot portion, which runs from 8-10
if you help set up from 7:15, you will receive a $5 discount  on open shoot (regular fee is $15)
you may shoot any HI legal rifle, shotgun, or pistol
10 rounds in mag limit, rapid fire allowed as long as it is AIMED
there will be targets set up at various distances, but you are welcome to bring your own (targets must be approved by range staff)
personal equipment (targets/tables) MUST be set up during setup time before line goes hot

covered shoes are REQUIRED for all who are present

we will be cleaning up and setting up for the class from 10-10:30
class begins promptly at 10:30 am, please arrive by 10 am to check in, help set up, and get geared up.
late arrivals may be charged a late fee or even be denied entry to the class.
If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.  Failure to provide at least 72 hours notice may result in penalties for future classes.

please list the type and model of shotgun when signing up.

Shotgun capable of holding at least 6 rounds (semi or pump).
You must be able to carry at least 10 additional shells on your person using ammo carriers purpose-built for holding shotgun ammunition (aka no dump pouches)
Long pants and covered shoes are required.
Round count will be 25 Slug, 10 Buckshot, 200 of birdshot #7 or smaller. We recommend that the slugs and buckshot be consistent with what you use at home. Depending on individual marksmanship, more slugs may be required.


Do not bring slings

Gloves are strongly recommended.  Or at least cut your fingernails.

long sleeve shirts are recommended for prone shooting (and warding off the sun)

Anyone without the required equipment on range day will be turned away.

Skill Builder Fee
Members of HDF $50.00
Non members  $60.00

sign ups are by email only BEGINNING AT 8 AM SAT at -------> <-----
signups before 8 am will be dealt with accordingly 

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Re: September HDF range day is SHOTGUN- 9/28/19 (gun show weekend)
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ATTN: changed ammo requirement- 40 slugs, 200 rounds birdshot #7-9.5


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Re: September HDF range day is SHOTGUN- 9/28/19 (gun show weekend)
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Just a heads up it might be a month away but I was cleaning my HD shotgun and noticed the follower spring was weaker than it should be so ordered a couple of the Nordic ones. Apparently leaving it sitting for years fully loaded was not a good idea.

Also got the Esstac 7rd velcro cards which work pretty well but take some breaking in so that they are not ridiculously tight. After trying them out I probably would have gone with 5 or 6 rounds to better fit the gun in a way that would be less likely to interfere with the action/trigger if I slapped it in the wrong place under stress. Can always cut off the extra loops if necessary but will see how it works out in the Skill Builder first.

Thanks for the early warning!