Scotus contemplating case regarding unconstitutional bans on Ar's, Ak's and maga (Read 779 times)


"Dont forget, incoming fire has the right of way"-Clint Smith?

Charles Nichols

SCOTUS isn't contemplating Jack about this case.  It has not even been scheduled for its first conference.  The response (Brief In Opposition) is not due until December 9th.  According to John Elwood, of SCOTUS blog fame, and a former law clerk for Justice Kennedy, the cert petitions are not even delivered to the justices until after the Brief In Opposition has been filed.

US Supreme Court Justice Kagan has publicly expressed disappointment in the fact that the justices do not discuss cases in depth until the conference at the end of the week AFTER oral argument has taken place in the case.  The "Discuss Conferences" according to Justice Kagan, do not involve more than a brief statement by each of the justices in turn as to whether or not they are voting to grant or deny the cert petition and why.

And to paraphrase the late Justice Scalia, "Nobody reads the amicus briefs.  That would be cruel and unusual punishment."