dec 28, 2019 range day- scoped semiauto .22lr (Read 148 times)


dec 28, 2019 range day- scoped semiauto .22lr
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Watch your holds and make those shots count, we've got a new Range Day in December!

7:15am: Set up
8:00-10:00am: Open Shoot
Target stands are provided, though you may bring your own targets as well (1/2x2s, cardboard, shootandsee's, etc). Personal equipment (tables, targets, etc) must be set up during initial setup time after club equipment is in place.

10:00am: Reset, gear up, load up for class. At this time, spots are released to the wait list. Instructional Skill Builder

Skill Builder Required Gear:
Reliable semiauto .22lr rifle (no bolt action)
250 rounds .22lr
Minimum 4x Magnified Optic
At least 2 mags, or ability to hold 5 rounds in the gun and 20 rounds on person

Useful but not required
Rear squeeze bags
Note taking material

For those of you who haven't participated in Open Shoots with us before, we welcome all skill levels with the expectation that participating shooters have familiarized themselves with the platform they wish to bring. This includes being able to safely load and unload their firearm unassisted.

Long pants/sleeves, food and plenty of water STRONGLY recommended.

Cost: $50 Members, $60 Nonmembers. Open shoot $15
Attendee's who arrive early to set up will qualify for a $5 discount for the open shoot

If you would like to attend the skill builder portion please RSVP at
RSVP list is open now!

Please follow all kokohead range and HDF specific rules.
Failure to comply will result in instant removal and future attendance denial.

Please note that we have had trouble in the past with late cancellations. Please try to give 72 hours advance notice if you are unable to make it. Abuse of this may result in relegation to wait list.