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I think radio shack has the list, or at least they used too afaik. Maybe try the fcc website?


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I think you guys are confusing CB with amateur radio.  I don't know much about CB but this guy gets it.

As for amateur radio, the FCC gives you your call sign depending what the rotation is.  After you get your call sign, you can then get a vanity call sign.  There are certain parameters on what the call sign can have though. 

Ok here's a question...Where to start?

How much is total cost to get licensed? $15 per test.  Pass or fail.  If you fail, you can try again but need to pay another $15 for another test. 
How much is noob equipment? I just picked up a 2m/70cm handheld for $125 used off ebay.  that's just to get started for local (island wide) transmission.  For contacting West Coast US or Japan, you are going to have to upgrade to General license.  As with everything, the more bells and whistles, the higher the cost. 
How long does it take (minus study time)?  For me, 10 minutes for Technician and 10 minutes for General. YMMV.  My study time was about an hour a night, every night and my lunch breaks too.  (that was for studying both the tech & general exams).
Online test? Mail-in test? Do you have to go anywhere physically?   tests are administered by volunteer exam coordinators and must be done in person.

EDIT #1:
Hmm seems this link covers everything in my work googlefu. So where do you start in Hawaii? =Op

EDIT #2:
All I had to do was look. lol.

like I said before, check out merryviking channel on youtube.  He has the tech courses up for free.  He is in the process of putting up the general courses.  You could also check out if you want a book format

hope this helps. 


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Fired up the handheld during the blackout on Thursday night.  Monitored the emergency frequencies.  Some hams were giving reports etc.  Good to know that I can get info pretty easily.

No takers on the General Exam booklet and CDs?