CMP Sanctioned M1903 Springfield/M1 Garand/As-issued Military Rifle Match (Read 2285 times)


Hosted by the Pu’uloa Rifle & Pistol Club (PRPC)

Tournament Date: Saturday 10 December, 2016
Location: USMC Pu'uloa Range Training Facility (RTF), Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Time of Firing: 7:00AM check in. Firing will begin at approximately 8AM.
Point of Contact: Club President Clifford Ramson @ (808) 542 6940 or

Rules: Current CMP Competition Rules will govern.
Rifles Allowed: As Issued M1 Garands CMP Rule 4.2.2 or Unlimited M1 Garands CMP Rule 5.2.5 , As Issued M1903 Springfield CMP Rule 4.2.3, and As-issued Military Rifle CMP Rule 4.2.4 thru 4.2.5.
Competition Open To: USMC and other U.S Service Members. Civilian adults or supervised juniors (+16 years of age) members of PRPC, NRA, HRA or other State Shooting Associations. Membership to Pu’uloa Rifle & Pistol Club or the NRA is not required to participate. Non-membership as space permits. PRPC reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals.
Entries: E-mail or Range Entries Accepted. Email or contact Club President Clifford Ramson @ (808) 542 6940 or to confirm attendance. Range Entries on day of tournament will incur a Late Entry Fee of $5.
Entries Limited: Late Entries will be accepted until 7:00am on day of tournament. When registered competitors have filled all the assigned squadded positions, the match entry process will be closed.
Squadding: Squadding, target assignments, and scorecards will be issued by match officials.
CMP Sanctioned Match Fees:
Members    Military/Non Members       Civilians/Non Members
$20*       $30*             $35*

Late Entry Fee: $5
NRA/CMP Chamber Flag: $2
*Includes CMP Match Fee and Awards, Targets/Supplies, Beach Guard Fee, and Liability Insurance.
Pullers/Scoring: Competitors will pull targets and score for each other. Competitors are allowed to furnish their own target puller with approval from the Match Director.

CMP Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Rifle Match Course of Fire 500AGG
Slow fire prone: 5 sighters and 20 shots for record in 25 minutes.
Rapid fire prone from standing: 10 shots for record in 80 seconds.
Rapid fire sitting or kneeling from standing: 10 shots for record in 70 seconds.
Slow fire standing: 10 shots for record in 10 minutes.
note: All stages of fire will be conducted from the 200 yard line on SR targets. There will be no alibis or refires.

M1 Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Military Gold, Silver, and Bronze Achievement Pins will be awarded to those competitors that shoot the following scores in competition.

Special Notes
1. Reloaded ammunition shall be the responsibility of the competitor.
2. Chamber flags/open bolt indicators are required in the rifles action and can be purchased at the match. Rifles are to be pointed downrange or in a safe direction at all times. Safety is the responsibility of all competitors.
3. Competitors will be asked to help in range safety, set up/ clean up, and comply with safety rules and show good sportsmanship. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification, forfeit fees/awards or barred from future PRPC activities. We are guests of the USMC and our future PRPC activities depend on all of our actions.
4. To be eligible to purchase ammunition and or weapons (M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, etc.) from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Purchasers must submit to CMP, proof of age (+21 years old), USA citizenship, membership in a state rifle association (Hawaii Rifle Association) or CMP enrolled club (PRPC), and participation in a highpower rifle marksmanship activity (50 shots minimum) in one or more CMP or NRA sanctioned competitions. A PRPC Marksmanship Certificate will only be given to competitors who participate using a center fire rifle with metallic sights. For more information contact the Civilian Marksmanship Program, Erie Industrial Park, Bldg. 650, P.O. Box 576, Port Clinton Ohio 43452

1. Alcoholic beverages on the range at any time.
2. Children under 16 years of age and pets are not permitted on the range.
3. Spectators who are disruptive shall be escorted out by Military Police.
4. Vehicles on the range. Spectators and Competitors may park in the gravel lot in front of the Pu’uloa Rifle Bravo Range Tunnel Entrance.
5. Tracer and armor piercing ammunition.
6. Muzzle Brakes.


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I'll bring some extra 30-06 M1 ammo to sell if anyone has trouble finding some.
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Thanks Teichi for running an awesome game today!  And the great pics.


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