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Kangen Water
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:23:13 PM »
Anyone hear of it or have any personal experience drinking the water?

I have a friend who swears by it and is trying to get me to try it, but it sounds pyramid scammish.

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It works.  It can be super scientific if you look that far. 
It's been around for a while


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I've looked into buying a machine the Enagic one ($2500+), not the $99 one on ebay.

From the studies that I've tried to google, there is nothing saying it works or that it doesn't work.  But I do know a good amount of people who swear by it.  But the issue I have is that these people didn't drink much water anyways.  So of course once they start drinking more, they're going to feel better and be healthier.  I drink about 1.5 gallons a day.

A few workout buddies of mine said when they mix their preworkout with Kangan water, it kicks in faster and more effective. Which would make sense, because it does say don't take with medications because the body will absorb it to fast.

They do sell alkalized water in the stores, but the problem is that light (sitting on the shelf) reduces its PH levels, and so does agitation (shaking from transport to the store).  So I think Menehune claims their water has a high PH level, but the 5 gallon jugs sit on the truck for days and that truck drives and shakes a lot.

So if you're going to Whole foods and buying bottles of the high PH water on a regular basis, then you're better off buying a Kangan machine.

If I had the money to spare, I'd buy 1.  But right now, I have other priorities (more guns).


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It is indeed different.
I had one before but now its at a relatives place. The one i had sat on the countertop and connected to the sink via hoses with a quick disconnect that fits on the faucet. Couldnt use any sprayheads which was big negative # 1. Short hoses was negative #2. Taking up counterspace next to the sink was #3 needing an a/c outlet was also annoying as i dont have any for 5+feet from the sink. It also was slow to fill like most fine filtered water. The filters need changing every 6 months and are 150ish if i remember correctly plus you need to buy the liquid additive also. It was a lot of hassle for the seemingly small benefits to me.

I dont know about the health benefits but things like tea and coffee came out better. Tea would even brew faster when you drop the bag in. Putting ice cubes or warm water from the machine made whiskey taste better than my in door fridge filter.  You could also set it to really high ph and use that water to clean things similar to natural vinegar cleaner.
It was interesting but i quickly got tired of it. Id definitely look for a unit thats connected beneath the sink and more of a built in automated unit instead of an afterthought add on. I know they make other models, i saw that in japan rich housewives have them installed in the shower so their hair and face gets washed with the benefits of kangen

It was similar to having one of those countertop dishwashers for renters that cant modify the kitchen.
Looked ghetto for a 3k device. Our family lawyer sells them and gave it to us near cost so we tried it.

Now i just buy essentia water when it goes on sale. Its really high ph and seems similar enough to kangen without needing the machine. Also i recently heard down to earth sells refillable gallons for real cheap. Gonna check that out asap.