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Re: Puna residents urged to evacuate due to lava outbreak
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Yes, expect the scumbags to try and capitalize on others misery, from the looters to the politicians who are only concerned about their politics.  The Puna district, especially the lower Puna areas are pretty bad when it comes to crime.  A lot of drugs, which creates a lot of property and violent crime.  I do have empathy and compassion for the longtime residents who are trying to live life peacefully. Many buy land sight unseen and move to Hawaii (from the mainland).  They often have not done their due diligence on researching the area. 

Here are some categories that are common in Puna District as a whole, but even more so in lower Puna.
- A lot of hippies, mostly caucasian mainlanders, where the draw of marijuana and that lifestyle is prominent in the Pahoa area.   They want to grow and smoke dope.
- A lot of "earthy crunchy" types who don't bathe and want to "get back to nature."  Primarily Vegetarian but most Vegan and they want to grow/raise their foods and also generally want to be off the grid.  They buy an acre or so of land and live in a shipping container or a shed.  They may or may not be here also for the marijuana.
- "Off Gridders."  These are more of your "Preppers."  Some may be the types that just want to get away from people and the larger society, and some are more "doomsday" oriented or a combination of both.  They wish to be self-sustainable and are heavily armed.  Most will not screw with you if you don't screw with them.  They also appreciate like-minded individuals and follow the rule of law.
- Criminals.  Those explicitly moving to the area or operating within the area with criminal intent.  They can be new arrivals or long term people.  Drugs are a real problem, which turns into the heavy property and violent crime.
- Everyday people.  There are many older and longtime families with a generational upbringing in the area.  There are good people and not so good people.  You have to feel for those who have to deal with the idiots on a regular basis.   
sounds like Kailua, except more trees...  lol


Re: Puna residents urged to evacuate due to lava outbreak
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Probably old news for many of you, but was quite interesting for me. 

Big Island: How Land Schemes Turned Lava Fields Into Subdivisions


all this evacuations etc. are self-inflicted


Re: Puna residents urged to evacuate due to lava outbreak
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How's everyone doing on the Big Island? Vog affecting you?  Haven't seen punaperson post for a while.
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Re: Puna residents urged to evacuate due to lava outbreak
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I heard some people refused to evacuate and were burned alive. The news probably wouldn't report it if it's true, but it could be just a rumor.

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