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ITW Web Dominator
« on: August 26, 2018, 05:56:22 PM »
I was looking for a solution to better manage the excess webbing you get with adjustable gear.  In a pinch I've used thicker gauge rubber bands to hold the rolled excess webbing, and prevent it from getting caught up on something, but I knew that was only a temporary solution at best.  I tried zip ties and trimming the extra zip tie off, but the problem with that is if you have to readjust your equipment again, you have to cut the zip tie off.  Which in all honesty isn't that bad since they cost less than a nickel each if you buy in a bulk pack from Walmart.  So I did some Googling (heads! Mac) and found and found the Web Dominator from Tactical ITW (the same company that makes Fast Mag pouches).  I have to say it's a very impressive sounding name for a rather innocuous piece of kit.  When I found out what it was called, I thought it was some nemesis of Spider Man who dressed up in a full body black latex one piece and used a riding crop as their weapon of choice.   >:D  But I digress.  They cost $0.80/one on the Milspec Monkey website - if you buy in quantities of 10 or more you get a volume discount. 4 different colors are available - foliage, tan, coyote, and black.  It's 100% made in 'Merica.   :thumbsup:
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