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5.11 Traumatic care class
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Free class hosted by 5.11 on Nimitz for trauma care.  Hard to find a class like this in Hawaii so take it when you can.  Could save a life one day on the range or when out and about.


Free Training & Exclusive stuff?! Join us in-store Friday, March 1 at 5.11 Honolulu for a free Tactical Trauma Care course presented by local Firefighter Paramedic, David Jones. All attendees will receive an exclusive and limited edition ranger eye ABR Academy course patch with purchase.

The top cause of preventable trauma-related deaths is bleeding. 20% of people who have died from traumatic injuries could have survived with quick bleeding control. Attendees will receive hands-on training and learn trauma care techniques. Key takeaways will include:

• Rapid trauma assessment and treatment in line with current Tactical Emergency Critical Care Guidelines
• Stopping arterial bleeds with hands-on practice
• Use of hemostatic agents and wound packing

Students encouraged to bring their own CAT/IFAK to practice with.

Instructor Jones is an active firefighter on the Honolulu Fire Department and paramedic.
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Anyone attend this course?

If so, how was it?
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Anyone attend this course?

If so, how was it?

disclaimer: Jonesy was the first person I met FTF from the forum (at Waikiki gun club)
he also does med for HDF and is a personal friend

there were probably over 35 people there
the 5.11 people said it was the highest attendance of any of the courses so far

central location
big area open for presentation
great speaker on interesting topic
hands on training
Jonesy is a funny guy
he gave out some small prizes for challenges
5.11 raffled off 5 gift bags!

parking- most of the stalls are labelled RESERVED, but we were told to park in any stall that said securitas visitor
large group meant that some people were pretty far away, and I bet they had a difficult time hearing some parts
went over time, because there was a lot to cover, but no one left and everyone had plenty of questions
you had to spend $30 to get the "free" patch

the class covered quick assessment and triage, there was some discussion on bleeding times and survivability
then the main part of the class was stopping bleeding from wounds, especially gunshots and a little about knife wounds
a bunch of the discussion and hands on were about TQ use, along with discussion of TQ types and how to improvise a TQ
there was also instruction on how to stop bleeding in the axillary (shoulder/pelvis area) and the trunk/body area
this is not as often discussed, and was probably the biggest takeaway I had
a smaller amount of time (with hands on) was wound packing with gauze, which is also not discussed as much, and the hands on part was illustrative of the technique
while much of this info is available on the internet/youtube, it was GREAT to be able to hear it in person and see/hear thoughts on how to make a range/blowout bag and practical tips on what to buy and how to use them
Jonesy is quite personable and very informative, there were probably 5 female adults and a boy and a girl there, and everyone seemed to have had a great time

10/10 would do again
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The was also a bargain rack of which had pants for $30, they said that it just went on sale.  Bummer, did not have my size.