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36yard zero
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:09:59 AM »
Kind of a revival of an old thread,searched the forum and found a similar one back in 2013.

If you go to his website you can download his target for free. Would KHSC allow a target set up at 25yards to zero? I don't want to pay for a membership/range/neutered ammo fee at our main local indoor range.

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Re: 36yard zero
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The Koko Head Rules
Know and obey all range commands
Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and bench all firearms during a cease fire
Do NOT handle any firearms or stand at the firing line where firearms are present while others are down range during a cease fire
Load no more than 5 rounds in the magazine
No rapid or indiscriminate firing
Shoot only at authorized targets. No plinking of objects on backstop berm or on the ground. Human silhouette targets are not allowed
Wear eye and ear protection
Children age 17 and below must be accompanied by an adult
Children 9-12 years may fire .22 long rifle caliber only, with an adult standing next to and assisting the child
Children must wear eye and ear protection
Children 8 years and younger are prohibited from using firearms
No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed
No gambling
 There are no 25 yard positions on most of the rifle range.
 There are some at the far right side but it might be hard to find the pukas.
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Re: 36yard zero
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Using a 50 yard zero on my reddot, tested at know actual distance out to 300.  Works great for me.  at 300 ~ top of the black equaled center hits which is only about 10" low.  good enough for me.


Re: 36yard zero
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I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the 300m zero from the armies method of zeroing on 25m while at KHSC.  If you get a bullet drop calculator for your phone (I use Balistic AE) or use one of the online ones you can set your desired zero range and it will give you a chart of how high or low from point of aim your round will hit at various distances.  Then you can zero high or low at the 50 or 100 yard lines as needed to achieve the desired zero range.