Brownells $20/$35 coupons, 6/17/19 only (Read 532 times)


Brownells $20/$35 coupons, 6/17/19 only
« on: June 17, 2019, 01:53:17 PM »

VFE, $20 off $175
VFF, $35 of $300

Works with most sale items so double dip approved. :thumbsup:

*free shipping technically excludes HI and AK so you probably won't get it.  Even if free shipping shows in the cart, they sometimes sneak the shipping cost in AFTER you check out on your emailed invoice, sneaky bastards.  Be careful.  People have fought and won to get the discount but life is already tiring enough... :rofl:  If you joined Edge, it is free to Hawaii.  Some forum members got the free shipping without any issue.  I have had both happen to me so I just joined Edge because I'm lazy... ::)