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Hurricane season 2019
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   As a Prepper, it’s not the Zombie Apocalypse, Collapse of the Economy, or even Alien Invaders I fear, not even Broke Alien Zombies !
The following is a collection going back to 2013 and revised regularly with th help of others in the know here on 2a

It’s something more natural, plausible and most likely to occur.
   Who cannot help but to think what our situation here in Hawaii would be should a decent sized Tsunami or Hurricane hit the islands (again).
   Worst case scenario in my eyes is the Big island drift drop with Tsunami (arriving Oahu in 10-12 minutes) wiping out Honolulu, including seaport and airport.

   I know I don’t want to be on the Governments Fema Vacation Plan !   

   With that in mind, here are my preps.

#1 is water.

   Our BOB’s each contain a Seychelle 28-ounce Water Filtration Bottle
This filtration bottle removes up to 99.99 percent of pollutants and contaminants found in water. Produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water.
   We also each have a 2 litre bottle of store bought.
I have considered downsizing this 50% due to weight.

   At home and at our BOL, we have Monolithic brand water filters.
Build a Berkey for about $20.00 plus containers.
I splurged for two new 5 gallon buckets w/lids (another $20.00) but you could mount these puppies on 55 gal bbls if you wanted

   Here’s a real interesting page from the inside of Katrina.
Undoubtedly some of THE BEST prepper info I’ve ever read because it’s written after the fact, from personal LOSS experience !   

# 2 is Food.
In the movies, you always see the cowboys eating beans so I thought that I should have plenty as my main staple.
Though man does not live by bread alone, wheat(s) are the most important food staple you need.
Almost 5 times more than beans and 1-1/2 times more than fruits and veggies.
These include wheat , rice, corn, pasta's and oats

    I tend to stock up from the LDS cannery in Kalihi. Great place, nice folks and you don't have to change your beliefs to shop there.     
( I think their idea is if you're already prepared, you won't need to  try and take mine).
Wish I would have known about this place when i was raising my kids as I would have saved a bundle !
The prices are great averaging about a $1.00 a lb overall on most items.     
Red and White wheat, pinto, black, and re-fried beans, dried milk, onoin's, carrots, sugar, oats, pasta, rice flour and more.
Buy in bulk along with their Mylar bags and Oxy absorber's and package your own or get the pre-packed #10 cans.
Pre-packed or DIY, shelf life ranges 10-30 yrs for most items.Order form attached but prices may differ slightly (old form).
  On a side note, Unless you're ahead of the game and already have been on a "Healthy diet" your body is already acclimated to processed foods BIG TIME !
DO NOT   try to bake bread solely out of hard red wheat ! It will make a weeks worth of MRE's seem like a laxative.   
Naturally a grinder is required to flour out of the wheat berries
I still grind flour  3-1 white to red wheat.
Then of course is the stash of canned fish, meats, vegetables, mushrooms, spices and honey bought bulk from Costco and rotated faithfully through our pantry.

  On the other end of the scale is the "emergency" and freeze dried foods which have a pretty good shelf life for most products but  I find them rather expensive (and full of sodium).
Doesn't mean I don't have any,  just that  they are truly stashed and not rotated into our diet.
   One I will promote is the SOS Foods.   
Basic info below, prices may vary upon provider.
400, 2400 OR 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bars
The SOS Emergency Food Rations are US Coast Guard approved and have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture and can withstand temperatures from -22°F to 149°F.
Non-thirst provoking formula offers maximum survival capacity with drinking water restriction under all environmental conditions.
2400 cal $3.95 ea- $139.00 CASE OF 40    $3.47 ea
3600 cal $5.95 ea  $105.00 CASE OF 20   $54.5 ea
New Millennium Energy Bar - fruity flavors such as orange, lemon, cherry, apricot, tropical fruit, blueberry, coconut, raspberry and vanilla.
200 cal $1.25  CASE OF 144 $149.00
Got the calories, enviromentally stable, fair shelf life, water not necessary, light, compact, packeged air tight and water proof, not expensive and they don't taste that bad.
Regular ones taste kinda like short bread and the millenium flavors don't gag you with sweetness.
I keep these guys at home, in our vehicles, BOB's and BOL.

   I'm going to jump into another topic intended for later entitled reading and education but I think the following is so important, it should be divulged asap.
LDS also has a "Prep Manual" out that is packed with awesome and pertinant info.     
So much to do with food choices, amounts, storage, shelf life, canning, cooking, dietary information etc....  it's mind boggling
The first 14 pages are pretty much faith oriented with a peppering of the same for the next 15 informative pages.
The last 10 pages are of a personal view by the author.
The other 460 pages is some of THE BEST prepper info I've come across since my personal favorite, "Listening to Katrina".
"Listening to Katrina". is a MUST READ !

Happy to share, more to come, open to suggestion.

   Semper paratu

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Hurricane season 2016
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Re-written from old post
Collected and added comments of others from this post to save some time.

Just a reminder, we're entering Hurricane season.

     Now's the time to rotate your gas supply's, drain, refill  generators (including Fuel stabilizer in both) and fire them up.
Might as well tune up your vehicle ( oil change fuel/injector treatment, check tires, brakes etc...)

Rotate your go bag's clothes, food, water, med's, and OTC drugs
Drain, clean and refill your 55 gallon water barrels.
Check your supply of Charcoal, propane, bleach, TP, PT, long term food, water, med's, and OTC drugs.

Clean up outside your house.
Trim your trees
Put away or secure loose items outside
Water Bob
Solar powered radio/recharger
Old Fart
Jack daniels

Laundry detergent,  several packets of 78% calcium hypochlorate to make my own bleach solution
- beans and rice from the LDS supply
- bucket of MH dehydrated food
- 3 to 5 bottles propane
- 5-10 cases of water
- shower stuff / toiletries
- ingredients for homemade laundry soap (makes 10 liquid gallons)
- rebuild my emergency washing machine (5 gal bucket, plunger dowel, potato masher)
- 100 to 200 wax firestarters
- 5 or so bic lighters and some naptha gas to refill my zippos some hypochlorate, batteries, coleman propane and 50 cases of water to sell on craigslist for $100 each

New Guy                                     
HAM radio

solar battery charger

I recommend a Reverse Osmosis filter system

Oh yeah, 808Huey sez no forget the fleshlights.     

   At home and at our BOL, we have Monolithic brand water filters.
Build a Berkey for about $20.00 plus containers.
I splurged for two new 5 gallon buckets w/lids (another $20.00) but you could mount these puppies on 55 gal bbls if you wanted
I still (2019) have a couple 55 gallon food grade barrels available. PM Rocky if interested)
Replenish canned goods (veggies, spam, CB and CB Hash, Pink Salmon etc...) 150 rolls TP,  90 rolls PT, razors, toothpaste, soap, shampoo Q-tips (not to be confused with tips from Q) gallons of bleach, dish soap, laundry detergent, Clorox Clean Up, nitrile gloves, 15 gallons non-ethanol gas with stabilizer, big ole bottle of Makers Mark, carton of butts.
   (As yard and storage gets finger printed and organized at  this time, I'm adding stir /shake those old paint cans and get rid of the hardened stuff.)

    My original "Be prepared"  link

Here is a good page to keep track of storms.

Don't just survive, prosper.                                 
Survival is just breaking even !     
Semper Paratus !

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”
                                                           Franklin D. Roosevelt