Pig hunting at Poamoho (Read 771 times)


Pig hunting at Poamoho
« on: May 14, 2020, 04:25:21 PM »
Has anyone here ever pig hunted at Poamoho?  Is it worth the effort to get a permit?  are there pigs there?


Re: Pig hunting at Poamoho
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I think the question is more depending on what type of hunting are you talking about?

Without knowing what type of hunting you're talking about.  I would say poamoho is more a dog hunters hunt.  Not saying bow and rifle hunters can't be successful. But the area is very thick forest and jungle and favors hunter's who use dogs.

The lower area can be very disorienting due to the terrain and river/stream system. If you don't know the area it can be quite confusing.  Pulled a bunch of lost ppl out of there thru the years.

I'm not sure how the summit fences have affected ingress/egress there since they were built.

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