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Joe Biden - Anti-2A
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Re: Joe Biden - Anti-2A
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Where's my shocked face?
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Re: Joe Biden - Anti-2A
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If you go to the link called "two dozen actions", the list is actually 9 items long labeled "The President's Plan to Reduce Gun Violence,: AFAIK, almost nothing in that list was accomplished fully, and only 3 have any demonstrable chance of reducing crime or violence.

Below that list is a grid of 29 "steps...President Obama and his administration have taken a number of steps to help keep our kids and communities safer by making sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands."

Most of those "steps" sound like normal administrative processes with NO STATED RESULTS.

We all know they can't hatch any plans that accomplish squat, so they have to pad their resumes with "steps" and "actions" -- no outcomes or underlying facts supporting said actions.

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