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going to be out of town next week for the weekend
we'll have to get dirtylickins owner, dentist, red cross IT, and kaiser together again and go eat and to the range
maybe we can go visit shannon too

Not counting this week, my Thursdays and Fridays are very flexible.


Re: 9mm 1911?
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Lol. A get together at Honolulu firearms?  We should go break in dirty's bull pup 870!!
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Re: 9mm 1911?
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Have a older shooter grade Colt Super 38  1911A1 and got a Nowlin 9mm SS 5" barrel.  Lead on it was a little longer so I was able to seat the bullets out pretty good. I was able to use the 38 Super magazines. Fed better with longer OAL.  Later got some Wilson 9mm mags and loaded 9mm to standard length. It was okay accuracy wise. Figured that I had something that would shoot 9MM.  Sold off the mags and barrels ( Super was older type headspaced on semi rim) I  kept the frame and slide for a project.  My main 1911s is in 45ACP.


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Re: 9mm 1911?
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I have a 9 mil 1911 and its pretty good actually. It's nothing wrong with a 9mm, but a 45 acp 1911 is something you might just want to have for more kick ass power!